Esdra Burges-Cruz Found Guilty Of Attacking A School Staff

Esdra Burges-Cruz Found Guilty Of Attacking A School Staff

In Florida, a father named Esdra Burges-Cruz was taken into custody for reportedly attacking a school staff member.

The incident occurred after Burges-Cruz discovered that his son had been prohibited from using the school bus. A school bus employee was allegedly punched in the chest by Esdra Burges-Cruz, 50, after he stormed onto the bus that was stopped in Ocala on May 2.

According to authorities, the incident caused a delay as the bus was filled with students at the time.

According to reports, Burges-Cruz allegedly approached the bus and requested permission from the driver to board. According to reports, Burges-Cruz allegedly instructed the driver to “shut the f—k up” after he refused to let him board. Despite the driver’s objections, Burges-Cruz proceeded to board the vehicle.

According to a video released by the sheriff’s office on Friday, he began ranting at the bus attendant once he boarded the bus. As per the video, Burges-Cruz administered a slap to the man’s chest with an open palm.

In Florida, a father reportedly attacked a school employee after his son was banned from riding the school bus.

Following the assistant being struck, screams from students can be heard. The individual issued a warning, stating, “If I hear anything else about my son, you’ll see what happens.”

According to reports, Burges-Cruz allegedly threatened a bus aide and brandished a piece of paper at him before exiting the vehicle. Police raided the residence of Burges-Cruz and questioned him about the incident.

The individual stated to authorities that they had permission to board the bus and refuted any allegations of assault.

According to reports, on May 3rd, a student approached a school resource officer at Lake Weir Middle School and claimed to have witnessed Burges-Cruz physically assaulting a bus aide. Burges-Cruz was detained by the police for assault after the video was analyzed.

According to a statement given to the outlet, the Marion County School District stated that they believe the arrest will serve as a clear message to the community that they hold adults to the same standard of appropriate behavior as they do their students. In a recent development, Burges-Cruz, who has no prior convictions, has been charged with three felonies.

The charges include violence against a public or private education official, burglary, and disturbing the peace during a school function. The suspect was taken into custody and transported to Marion County Jail. His bond was set at $17,500. No incidents occurred during the transfer.

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