Chaiwat Boonkarin Identified As Suspect In The Murder Of Woramet Ben Taota

Chaiwat Boonkarin Identified As Suspect In The Murder Of Woramet Ben Taota

The father of a British teenager who was killed in Thailand came face to face with the suspect, Chaiwat Boonkarin, at the location where his son’s beaten body was found.

In a recent development, Steven Graham, aged 60, has reportedly flown from his residence in Eastbourne, East Sussex, to assist with the investigation pertaining to the untimely demise of Woramet Ben Taota, aged 16, who was commonly known as Ben among his acquaintances.

On May 7, Ben was found in a forest in Lampang, his birthplace located in the northern region of the country. He had sustained significant head injuries and facial lacerations.

A man named Chaiwat Boonkarin, aged 44, has been charged with murder. According to police reports, he allegedly confessed to bludgeoning the victim with a piece of wood following a drug-related dispute.

Accompanied by handcuffs and donning a bulletproof vest, he was transported to a secluded location within dense forest where Ben’s body was found on Sunday.

A man identified as Mr. Graham reportedly approached a police car wearing a blue t-shirt and glasses.

According to witnesses, he allegedly made a derogatory remark towards the officers, saying “Scum, look at me.” The user requested that I examine them in the eyes.The individual demanded that the other party make eye contact, using a derogatory term. Amidst his fury, he demands, “Take off his mask, I want to see his face.”

The user made a derogatory statement towards the recipient, calling them a “wimp.” The user insulted the recipient by calling them a wimp. The individual used profanity and demanded the attention of the other person by using derogatory language. According to the speaker, the reason for the addressee’s lack of eye contact is due to cowardice.

The individual invites the viewer to direct their attention towards them. The user used a derogatory term. At the scene, Mr. Graham stated, “I just want to throttle him.” According to the speaker, he is a bad guy. The individual was described as “scum” and “pure evil.”

Ooy stated, “I don’t understand what occurred.” According to the parent, their son was well-behaved, but they believe that he will not develop into a mature adult. The individual expressed their desire for the murderer to be executed while in prison.

According to police reports, Chaiwat, a suspect recently released from prison for sex offenses, has confessed to luring Woramet Ben Taota to the jungle and attacking him. Chaiwat claims that the motive for the attack was retaliation for a failed drug deal.

According to reports, it is believed that he accused Ben and his girlfriend Suraphltchaya Khamsa, who are currently missing, of being his methamphetamine runners but allegedly stealing a shipment from him.

According to sources, the suspected killer reportedly became enraged over allegations that the victim, Ben, was storing narcotics for himself and his girlfriends. The suspect allegedly proceeded to repeatedly strike Ben with a stick until he ultimately succumbed to his injuries.

According to Lampang Provincial Police Major General Mongkol Sampawapol, it was stated that… According to the source, he has been identified as a thief. The individual had a prior history of incarceration. According to sources, he is set to face charges of murder.

On Sunday morning, an adolescent was found dead in a grove in the Ban Than district, according to police officials from the Mae Tha district who received the report. In a recent development, officers have reportedly found a smartphone charger and a red wallet containing the individual’s ID card and bank card in his black shoulder bag.

According to investigators, the missing items from his possession include his smartphone and cash, leading them to believe that he may have been robbed. According to officers, it is believed that Ben was killed in a different location and then left in the woods.

This conclusion was drawn due to the fact that his bones were found without any signs of a physical altercation. According to the doctors, the individual sustained head injuries that are indicative of substantial trauma.

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