Anthon Van Hoven From Cornwall Found Dead In Prison After Being Locked Up For His Safety

Anthon Van Hoven From Cornwall Found Dead In Prison After Being Locked Up For His Safety

According to an inquest, a 51-year-old father who resided in Cornwall and was described as ‘devoted’ passed away the day after being recalled to prison ‘for his safety’.

According to sources, Anthon Van Der Hoven has been living with a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which he attributes to his time serving in the military in South Africa, where he was born.

Struggling intermittently with alcohol and drug dependency, he attempted to cope. Mr. Van Der Hoven, who settled down in St Ives and led a content life with his wife while working as an artist and being a stay-at-home dad, continued to grapple with his mental health issues.

Yesterday, May 9, a jury inquest at Exeter Coroners Court heard that in 2016, he was imprisoned for an attempted robbery at his local post office.

The motive behind the crime was reportedly a desperate attempt to pay off drug dealer debts, which was considered out-of-character.

After being released in 2018, the individual in question was recalled to prison in June 2019 due to concerns regarding his alcohol consumption.

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On June 7, 2019, he made a presentation at Camborne Police Station and was subsequently transported to HMP Exeter later that same day.

According to sources, Mr. Van Der Hoven was reportedly experiencing symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and received medical attention from both police station and prison medical staff.

On the evening of June 8, Mr. Van Der Hoven was discovered unresponsive in his cell and attempts to revive him were unsuccessful.

According to a post-mortem examination, the cause of his death was determined to be the result of chronic alcohol misuse and subsequent abstention from alcohol.

In court, the jury was moved by a poignant statement delivered by Laurian Van Der Hoven, the ex-wife of the defendant. Van Der Hoven shared how her former spouse had a difficult upbringing as a result of being born into the oppressive South African Apartheid regime.

Following his departure from school, he fulfilled his national service obligation by serving in the intelligence corps. He was deployed for active duty during the Border War.

According to her recollection, he faced life-threatening situations every day and encountered distressing events, including the unintentional killing of one of his fellow troops at a checkpoint due to his lack of training as a tank driver.

Following the war, the individual faced challenges with heroin addiction and subsequently relocated to the United Kingdom in pursuit of a new beginning. In 2001, the individual was able to secure permanent residency in the UK after tying the knot with their partner.

According to her account, he was a brilliant and imaginative individual with a deep love for poetry, art, and music. They enjoyed a period of contentment together until he started experiencing flashbacks, resulting in a PTSD diagnosis in 2004 and a relapse into drug abuse.

Following her visit to a specialist clinic for traumatised ex-servicemen, she recounted that they commenced the process of rebuilding their life together with their daughter.

According to Mrs. Van Der Hoven, a former assistant headteacher, the late individual in question expressed unconditional love towards his family as a husband and father.

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In 2010, he underwent major surgery to remove a growth on his spinal cord. Following this, he experienced a series of health issues that necessitated the use of potent pain medication. Unfortunately, this led to a relapse in drug use.

According to her statement, he had been taking high amounts of morphine for several weeks, and due to his addiction, this ultimately led to his demise.

According to her statement, she acknowledged that he was a loving and devoted father, but also revealed her naivety towards drugs and his tendency to be highly secretive. Following his imprisonment, she disclosed how she hesitantly initiated divorce proceedings.

According to her statement, he was reportedly in a clean and improved physical and mental state upon his release. However, his attempt to contest a deportation order proved unsuccessful and he was not provided with a specific timeline for his departure.

According to Mrs Van Der Hoven, the individual in question was terrified at the prospect of going back to South Africa and being separated from his daughter.

According to her statement, he started consuming alcohol excessively. Instead of going into rehab, he was recalled back to prison.

According to her, he had been getting progressively more intoxicated during his visits with his probation officer over the course of several weeks. As a result, the probation officer initiated his return to prison, believing it to be in his best interest.

During the inquest, the individual expressed their belief that the detainee’s health had not been adequately monitored and questioned why he was not under constant supervision. They stated, “It is important to me to understand why he was not under close and constant supervision.”

In her concluding statement, she expressed her hope that the inquest would offer some answers, but acknowledged that it could not make up for the agony of losing Anthon.

Custody sergeants at Camborne Police Station provided testimony as well, according to sources. According to official sources, it has been confirmed that Mr. Van Der Hoven was declared fit for detention and transportation to HMP Exeter by medical professionals.

During his time in their custody, he was reportedly subjected to 30-minute checks.

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