Mei Ran Hu Identified As Homicide Victim Killed In Her Apartment Close To Duboce Park

Mei Ran Hu Identified As Victim Killed In Her Apartment Close To Duboce Park

According to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Mei Ran Hu, 64, has been identified as the woman who was slain on May 5 inside her apartment building close to Duboce Park.

According to her neighbors and the employees at her complex, Hu was a monolingual Asian resident who had previously looked after her mother locally.

On Friday, May 5, police detained Jesus Esparza and lodged him in the San Francisco County Jail on suspicion of homicide, elder abuse, and resisting arrest.

Hu and Esparza were neighbors who shared a third-floor apartment in her cheap housing development, just feet from the stairs where Hu was discovered unconscious.

Hu was found on the third floor north staircase of the 462 Duboce Apartments senior affordable housing complex on Friday, May 5, unresponsive, bloodied, and suffering from a stab wound.

Police were called by staff and arrived at the complex at 11 a.m., per the police report. Hu was given medical attention by first responders, but she passed away there and then.

The police “quickly obtained suspect information,” according to the report, and detained Esparza. The San Francisco Police Homicide Detail has asked for camera footage as part of its ongoing investigation.

Staff claimed they are unsure of the circumstances leading up to Esparza’s suspected stabbing of Hu.

However, according to employees and neighbors, Esparza had severe mental health concerns and was dependent on his mother’s in-home care, who made visits every one to two days and washed his laundry. On May 5, she wasn’t present.

Someone with knowledge of the circumstance who wished to remain anonymous remarked, “If the mother were here, I don’t think that would happen.”

The administration of 462 Duboce is currently looking for Hu’s emergency contacts. As her mother Mei Lan Situ’s live-in caregiver, she moved into the complex in 2018.

Hu stayed at the apartment after Situ passed away a few months earlier and asked to assume the lease. Hu, like many of the complex’s occupants, had limited English proficiency.

The events on Friday took place in the open, and 462 residents and neighbors who witnessed them recall seeing the coroner’s vehicle arrive early on Friday and the police capturing Esparza in his “drawers” in the ground floor hallway.

“I don’t know the dude, but I’ve seen him a lot,” a resident of 462 who asked to remain anonymous said. I am aware that he has mental health concerns. I mean, seriously.

The resident referred to the 41-year-old as a “violent person” and mentioned an incident from a few months ago in which Esparza violently kicked another tenant’s dog when it approached him with its tail wagging in happiness.

Someone familiar with the tenant claimed Esparza had only ever experienced one incident, but they were unable to recall the specifics.

According to the resident, the majority of people living in the complex are seniors who are monolingual, Asian, or Russian. “The majority of them are weak. That is messed up, man.

Esparza had resided in the complex of senior affordable housing since 2017, and according to the staff, he had previously lived with his mother. Esparza “was a lamb,” the individual who knew the tenant claimed. He spoke infrequently, “one or two [words] at a time,” and struggled to articulate himself.

“Going home,” “morning,” or “going out.” Esparza had a “mental disability,” which was obvious to the employees, the source claimed. Hu had not voiced any dissatisfaction with Esparza to the staff.

“Very, very unexpected,” said the individual who knew Esparza. I didn’t believe Jesus was capable of that.

At the complex, a different caregiver claimed to have recently seen Esparza “slumped against a tree.” The caretaker claimed that Esparza frequently displayed “out of it” looks and gave grunting responses. It is sad.

Following the slaying, neighbors and staff at the 42-unit affordable housing complex are still in shock. “Residents are traumatized,” the person who knew Esparza claimed. “We came close. Everyone was acquainted.

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