Ibizugbe Onifade Identified As Victim Killed In A Horror Crash

Ibizugbe Onifade Identified As Victim Killed In A Horror Crash

A fatal collision occurred when Ibizugbe Onifade, 38, was crossing the street. Onifade passed away due to the injuries sustained during the incident. In a tragic incident,

Bolaji Onifade, a husband, has come forward to express his anguish after driving past a fatal collision, unaware that the victim was his own wife.

A man named Bolaji Onifade, aged 43, was en route to his workplace when he observed Manchester emergency personnel making efforts to rescue a woman’s life.

A 38-year-old pedestrian was struck by a £200,000 Mercedes G-Wagon driven by the son of a wealthy businessman while crossing the street. The vehicle was reportedly traveling at speeds of up to 91mph at the time of the incident.

Bolaji only recognized the woman lying on the ground as his wife, Ibizugbe, 20 minutes after the incident. Tragically, Ibizugbe succumbed to her injuries and passed away in the hospital the following day.

The bereaved spouse now recalls, “That day changed my life forever.” The individual expressed a feeling of having reached the edge of the world upon receiving the news. The individual expressed concern, stating,

“What am I going to do without my wife?”The individual was described as vivacious and sociable. The couple first crossed paths at Salford University and later tied the knot in their later years.

Prior to the COVID outbreak, the individual had been actively attempting to conceive a child and had been contemplating the option of in vitro fertilization.

A man who struck and killed a woman with his Mercedes was reportedly enamored with high-speed vehicles.”It is believed that she possessed all the qualities required to be an exceptional mother.According to the speaker, there is a concern that young individuals should not be permitted to operate powerful vehicles.

According to the speaker, if the driver had been responsible, their wife would still be alive. Bolaji, also known as BJ, stated that the couple had gone shopping that morning and taken their nephew with them before he dropped her off at work.

According to the speaker, he offered to pick up the woman from work later, but she declined and opted to take the bus home instead due to working overtime.

Due to working the night shift, the individual arrived at work at a later time. I was driving along Ashton New Road when I observed flashing police lights from across the street and assumed there had been an incident.

“Something told me to call my wife, but she didn’t answer the phone,” I asked my cousin to phone her, but she didn’t answer. When I arrived at work 20 minutes later, I received a call from my wife’s workplace informing me that there had been an incident and that the police were on their way to my house.

“I thought the police didn’t come to your house if it wasn’t serious.” Upon leaving work, the individual returned home where they were informed of the news.

He described how the couple had been together for ten years and how Ibizugbe had worked hard on her academics, earning a master’s degree while still in Nigeria. The terrifying accident occurred in October 2021, with Mohammed Chowdhury, 22, behind the wheel.

According to reports, Chowdhury was found to have been speaking on his phone before colliding with the 38-year-old. In a tragic turn of events, Mohammed Chowdhury has been sentenced to five years and six months in prison for causing the death of Ibizugbe Joy Ikponnmwen due to his reckless driving.

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