Former Prime Minster Imran Khan Arrested On Charges Of Corruption

Former Prime Minster Imran Khan Arrested On Charges Of Corruption

Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, has been arrested. Former Prime Minister Khan, along with his security personnel and legal team, reportedly suffered severe physical assault at the hands of Rangers. According to sources.

Mr Khan was appearing in court on charges of corruption, which he says are politically motivated.

According to footage, Mr. Khan was detained by paramilitary forces in armored personnel carriers upon entering the court compound and was subsequently driven away.

After being ousted as Prime Minister in April of last year, he has been actively campaigning for early elections.

Later this year, the country is set to hold general elections.

Since his ousting from power, Mr. Khan has faced numerous cases brought against him. On several occasions, security forces attempted to apprehend him at his Lahore residence, but were impeded by his supporters.

The Islamabad High Court.

According to officials from Mr. Khan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf party, he is currently in the custody of security forces. The party has filed a complaint with the Islamabad High Court, which has requested a police report regarding the detention.

According to anonymous sources who spoke with the Associated Press, anti-corruption officials have reported that Pakistan’s National Accountability Bureau issued a warrant for the arrest of Mr. Khan last week in an unrelated case. However, he has not yet secured bail.

Officials in charge of combating corruption have included. Later today, a tribunal will hear from Mr. Khan.

This morning, the former leader was seen recording a video from an undisclosed location. According to the caption accompanying the video, officials are allegedly seeking his arrest to hinder his campaign efforts.

The 72-year-old was ousted from power last year, and has spent his time campaigning against his successor, claiming his removal was illegal.

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