Cameron Cole Identified As Victim Found Dead; Family Seeks Answer For Sons Death

Cameron Cole Identified As Victim Found Dead; Family Seeks Answer For Sons Death

In Prince George County, a family is seeking answers following the tragic death of their son who failed to return from a DoorDash delivery. The young man’s body was discovered several days later.

In Richmond, the body of 23-year-old Cameron Cole was discovered in a wooded area located on the 2100 block of Commerce Road. As per the police, Cole was reported missing by his family towards the end of April.

It is unclear whether the incident was a case of door-dashing or if the individual in question had encountered the wrong individuals. According to Cam’s father, Michael Cole, “We don’t know.” The individuals expressed a desire for answers.

According to his family, despite days of searching, they were unable to find him. According to reports, police discovered Cole’s body during a homicide investigation in a different jurisdiction.

On May 3 at approximately 6:30 a.m., Richmond police were called to respond to a fatal shooting incident that occurred on Richmond Highway.

Ckristofer Tyler, the victim in question, was shot and subsequently crashed into a cement truck that was traveling in the opposite direction. Three individuals, Isabelle Battle (19), Xavier Brown (22), and Demond Williams (39), were arrested by Richmond detectives on that day.

According to the Prince George County Police Department, this photograph depicts Cameron Cole.
Cole’s car was being driven by a trio.

After several days, the police were able to locate his body.

Cole’s father expressed his confusion, stating, “I just don’t understand it.” According to the speaker, there are cruel individuals in the world that we must acknowledge. According to the speaker, he was the least expected person to receive a call about.

According to family sources, 8News was informed. According to sources, Cole is the father of a two-month-old and is currently in the process of adopting additional children. Similarly, they expressed their fondness for tennis shoes and rap music, just like him.

According to his father, he was someone who brought joy to everyone’s day. A new chapter in his life was just beginning, according to the individual. A man was working a second job in an effort to support his family.

The individual expressed their love and remembrance for Cam, without providing further context or information. The promise was made to ensure that the son would be aware of the identity of the person in question. According to sources, even if he is unable to physically see you, he will still have knowledge of the type of father you were.

Amidst their mourning, they are imploring individuals with any relevant information to step forward.

Detective Sullivan with the Richmond Police Department is urging anyone with information regarding the two homicide cases to come forward. The detective can be reached at 804-646-3929.

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