Anusan Arumainayagam Identified As Suspect In The Killing Of Kyle Jones

Anusan Arumainayagam Identified As Suspect In The Killing Of Kyle Jones

The driver of a BMW, Anusan Arumainayagam, has been sentenced to four and a half years in prison for a hit-and-run accident that resulted in the death of a motorcyclist.

Arumainayagam was reportedly driving at a speed of 75mph in a 30mph zone at the time of the incident. In Solihull, a 23-year-old man named Kyle Jones was caught under a vehicle belonging to Anusan Arumainayagam.

A man who was a father of three has passed away in the hospital due to injuries sustained. After admitting to causing death by unsafe driving, Arumainayagam was sentenced to prison for fleeing the scene after the crash.

On March 22, 2023, a driver of a BMW with three passengers on board lost control of the vehicle after colliding with a parked car on Audley Road in Stechford, Birmingham. The driver is currently a defendant in the case.

According to Prosecutor Lisa Hancox, Mr. Jones, a resident of Solihull, was operating a motorcycle with another rider following closely behind him.

This information was presented at Birmingham Crown Court. According to reports, the defendant’s vehicle collided with a parked Mercedes on the road. In a collision, Mr. Jones’ BMW spun and collided with him, causing him to be ‘catapulted’ off his bike.

A hit-and-run driver rammed into a motorcyclist, resulting in the death of Mr. Jones. Miss Hancox reported that Mr. Jones was transferred to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, but unfortunately succumbed to his injuries the following morning.

According to her statement, the defendant was driving at a speed of 75mph when the collision occurred on Audley Road. The road, which is home to residential houses and shops, has a speed limit of 30mph.

A 24-year-old man named Arumainayagam, hailing from Wolverhampton, has been sentenced to four and a half years in prison and banned from driving for six years and three months. He had previously pleaded guilty to causing death by hazardous driving.

According to Judge Dean Kershaw, Kyle Jones was identified as a loving father of three and the eldest among his five siblings, in a brief statement.According to reports, he was described as a proud father and a well-liked member of his family. According to the user, the road was well-lit and there were no issues with the car.

According to the individual in question, the cause of the issue was an excessive amount of pressure applied to the accelerator. According to reports, the vehicle in question was reportedly traveling at a speed of 75 mph, which is two and a half times the posted speed limit.

According to the court, Arumainayagam had misjudged the Mercedes and the only reason for the death was his excessive speed while driving.

According to the individual, Arumainayagam did not immediately report the incident to authorities and instead chose to wait before surrendering himself to the Perry Barr police station the following day.

According to defending attorney Nigel Wilkins, the individual in question could have reported the incident earlier, but ultimately did report it within 24 hours. The defendant made a request for the judge to take into account his age, immaturity, and limited driving experience.

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