St. Croix County Sheriff’s Deputy Kaitie Leising Identified As Victim Shot And Killed On Duty In Glenwood


St. Croix County Sheriff’s Deputy Kaitie Leising Identified As Victim Shot And Killed On Duty

Kaitie Leising, a 29-year-old St. Croix County sheriff’s deputy, has been identified as the officer who was shot and killed in the line of duty last night.


According to the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Deputy Kaitie Leising, 29, was involved in a collision with 34-year-old Jeremiah D. Johnson at the scene of a car accident in Glenwood, Wisconsin, at approximately 6:15 p.m. on Saturday. Prior to Leising’s arrival, another vehicle had stopped to aid Johnson.

According to sources, the deputy requested that Johnson perform field sobriety tests before returning to his vehicle. However, it has been reported that Johnson attempted to avoid complying with the deputy’s requests.


According to a press release from the Justice Department, Johnson turned to Leising and fired a gun at her approximately eight minutes later.

According to the report, the shooting was captured on a body camera. Leising fired three shots in response, but did not hit Johnson before he escaped into a nearby wooded area.


A group of individuals who had stopped to assist Johnson, sprang into action to rescue Leising. She was immediately transported to a nearby medical facility, but unfortunately, she passed away later on.

Following the shooting of Leising, officers conducted a search of the nearby woods. After nearly an hour, one of the officers discovered Johnson, who had been shot.


The officer reported hearing the gunshot and witnessing Johnson’s fall to the ground. According to reports, the gun was discovered at the same location where Johnson’s body was found by the officers.

According to the Justice Department, no shots were fired by law enforcement officers during their search for Johnson.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Criminal Justice Division is currently conducting an investigation with the aid of nearby law enforcement agencies, the Wisconsin State Patrol, and the Wisconsin Crime Lab.

Santa Cruz County Sheriff Scott Knudson made an announcement on Sunday stating that a 29-year-old deputy had been killed.

According to the sheriff, Leising has been a member of the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s office since 2022. Prior to her current position, she was employed at the Pennington County Sheriff’s office in South Dakota for approximately two years.

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