Mauricio Garcia Identified As Texas Mall Mass Shooting Suspect That Killed 8 And Injure Many


Mauricio Garcia Identified As Texas Mall Mass Shooting Suspect That Killed 8 And Injure Many

According to sources in law enforcement, the suspect responsible for a fatal shooting at a mall in Allen, Texas on Saturday, which resulted in the deaths of eight individuals and multiple injuries, has been identified.


In a tragic incident that took place on Saturday, eight individuals lost their lives in a shooting at Allen Premium malls. The suspect, identified as Mauricio Martinez Garcia, was shot and killed by the police at the scene.

On Saturday night, FBI agents were spotted at the Northeast Dallas Patrol Unit residence, with Dallas Police officers stationed outside.


According to multiple sources, this is reportedly the residence where the accused shooter, Garcia, resided with his parents.

According to sources, the extended stay motel where Garcia was residing was also searched by the FBI.


On Saturday, the FBI confirmed that they were conducting an investigation in two separate locations, but declined to provide any additional information.

According to sources, police officers were present at a residence in northeast Dallas on Saturday, engaging in a discussion with the suspect’s family. According to sources, an interpreter was also requested by them.


As per the neighbors, FBI agents arrived on Saturday evening and have remained on the scene since then.

According to reports, the alleged gunman is believed to be in his thirties and has been a resident of the area for as long as he can recall.

According to reports, a gray Charger was consistently parked in front of the house, allegedly belonging to an individual who has been absent for the past few weeks.

According to neighbors, there have been no reports of police activity or disturbances at the residence in question.

According to neighbors, the suspect was frequently seen wearing a security guard uniform, but there are no reports of anyone witnessing him carrying any weapons. According to reports, he was known to be a reserved individual, however, sources say that he observed an uncommon and composed behavior.

According to sources, federal agents from the FBI are expected to dedicate a significant amount of time sifting through various items such as computers, phones, and other materials in order to establish a potential motive for the shooting. This process may take several days or even weeks to complete.

On Sunday, a group of Dallas police officers were seen standing outside a house in the Dallas Northeast Patrol Unit when a team of FBI agents arrived on the scene. According to multiple sources, the alleged shooter, who is believed to be 30 years old, resides in this residence with his parents.

According to reports, the agents spoke with the family at their residence. According to reports, the family requested an interpreter.

On Sunday morning, FBI agents joined the police in searching the suspect’s residence, where he has reportedly been residing for several years, according to neighbors.

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