Bobby Shisler Identified As Police Officer Shot On Duty Has Now Passed Away

Bobby Shisler Identified As Police Officer Shot On Duty Has Now Passed Away

According to the Deptford Police Department, Bobby Shisler, a police officer who was shot while on duty in March, has passed away due to his injuries on Sunday.


Deptford Police Department’s four-year veteran, Bobby Shisler. The individual was identified as a long-time inhabitant of the village and a dedicated volunteer.

According to a statement posted on their Facebook page, the Deptford Police Department has expressed their condolences to the Schiesler family during this challenging time of mourning.

According to a statement from Deptford the Strong, Bobby’s remarkable strength and bravery will forever serve as an inspiring example, although nothing can fully alleviate the sorrow caused by his passing. According to the speaker, he was the best among all of them.

On Sunday, Shisler was reported to have passed away at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, as a multitude of red and blue lights were seen heading towards the location, according to police.

The Bobby Shisler family.

Last week, Borsky paid a visit to Shisler and his family while the latter was recuperating at Cooper’s hospital before being moved to Penn.

According to Borsky, Penn possesses specific medical equipment that Cooper lacks.

At the conclusion of the procession, officers and family members gathered at Philadelphia Police Headquarters.

They shared embraces as they observed the transportation of the deceased individual’s body to the medical examiner’s office.

According to Borsky, Bobby had a mission in life which was to ensure the safety of people. Borsky stated that Bobby’s purpose was to keep them safe.

Reportedly, there have been injuries resulting from a shooting incident.
According to police, on March 10, Shisler was fatally shot while stopping a pedestrian on Delsey Drive.

According to Borsky, he was born into this community. A resident of this community has been identified. According to sources, he was a daily presence in the community and served as a protector of the area. The moment of unity was ignited by his death.

According to Borsky, Deptford Strong has coined a term known as “Shisler Strong” and he stated that the family of Shisler can continue to use it. A palpable strength emanates from South Jersey to Philadelphia.

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