Ben Moncrieff Identified As Victim In Fatal Stabbing In Downtown Bath, Suspects In Custody


Ben Moncrieff Identified As Victim In Fatal Stabbing In Downtown Bath

Police have identified the victim of a fatal stabbing in downtown Bath as Ben Moncrieff, a young man. At present, authorities are questioning three individuals in relation to the incident.


In Bath city centre, emergency services were called at 3:30 am on Saturday to Southgate Street where Ben Moncrieff was pronounced dead at the scene. Three individuals have been arrested by Avon and Somerset Police officers in connection with the tragedy, and the family of the victim has been notified.


In a tribute to Mr. Moncrieff, a friend expressed on GoFundMe that a tragic incident occurred on Saturday morning in the center of Bath, resulting in the loss of their dear friend.


A hardworking boy named Ben had his life taken for no apparent reason. The individual expressed that the pain being experienced is indescribable, but they hope that the departed individual is content in their current place of existence. They further stated that many cherished memories were created with the departed individual.

A GoFundMe page titled “The Ben He Deserves Farewell” has raised over £1,500 to assist the family of Mr. Moncrieff in covering the expenses of his funeral.


As per The Mirror, investigators have stated that an autopsy will be conducted in the near future.

According to Avon and Somerset Police Chief Inspector Ronnie Lungu, the primary concern is the family of the deceased during this challenging and sorrowful period.


A murder investigation is currently underway, and authorities are requesting the public’s cooperation in the interest of the ongoing investigation.

This morning, three individuals were taken into custody on suspicion of murder and are currently being held by authorities.

According to a witness who spoke to reporters, a young man was stabbed by another man outside of a fast food chain. Security personnel intervened to stop the altercation.

According to a witness, while walking home near McDonald’s, they observed a group of approximately 15 young individuals. It was at this time that the witness reported seeing a man use a knife to strike another man, causing him to collapse to the ground.

The man was pinned to the ground by the guards. According to sources, security personnel attempted to revive him through CPR, but unfortunately, their efforts were unsuccessful.

Individuals attempted to approach the boy who was being detained. Amidst chaos, the police arrived after a considerable delay. The sight of a deceased impoverished child on the ground is something that will remain etched in my memory indefinitely.

According to eyewitnesses, Solo’s age was estimated to be around 18 years old. After the boy was taken away by the police, ambulances arrived at the scene.

Authorities are requesting that anyone who may have witnessed the incident or captured footage of the surrounding area to contact them by dialing 101 and entering the phone number 5223105088.

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