Jordan DeMay Identified As Victim Who Killed Himself After Being Blackmailed


Jordan DeMay Identified As Victim Who Killed Himself After Being Blackmailed

In a tragic incident, 17-year-old American Jordan DeMay reportedly took his own life after being blackmailed by three Nigerian nationals with a nude photograph.


Three suspects, identified as Samuel Ogoshi (22), Samson Ogochi (20), and Ezekiel Ejehem Robert (19), have been charged in connection with the death.

Federal prosecutors have reported that scammers assumed the identities of teenagers on Instagram and persuaded DeMay to send them sexually explicit photos.


After gathering information about the individual, the perpetrators threatened to distribute compromising photos to his loved ones unless he paid them $1,000.

A Marquette High School student named DeMay has reportedly died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The incident occurred hours after a threat was made.


Three individuals from Lagos, Nigeria, namely Samuel Ogoshi (22), Samson Ogoshi (20), and Ezekiel Edgehem Robert (19), have been charged this week in relation to the death of DeMay. A major investigation involving Michigan authorities and the FBI was prompted by the tragedy.

According to federal authorities, Ogoshi allegedly wrote to DeMay, stating that if they cooperated with him, they would not be exposed. After spending more than $300, the threats persisted.


According to sources, a trio reportedly gained access to the hacked Instagram account of a woman named Dani Roberts. They allegedly utilized the account to make contact with DeMay.

According to one of the messages, DeMay replied, “I’m a mile away from you, BC.”

‘Good. Quick action is required. The user threatened to make the other person do something. The response given was “I swear to God,” according to the individual.

Ogoshi has been charged with sexual exploitation and attempted sexual exploitation of a minor resulting in death, due to his alleged direct involvement with DeMay.

If proven guilty, the individual in question could potentially face life imprisonment.

Three individuals have been charged with conspiracy to sexually exploit a minor, distribute child pornography, and commit online harassment.

Jennifer Buta, the mother of Jordan DeMay, issued a statement in response to the allegations. She expressed that as parents, they cannot fathom the experience that Jordan went through that night and the fear he must have felt due to this pointless act.

According to Michigan Western District Attorney Mark Totten, a Nigerian gang is reported to have attacked over 100 youths across the United States.

According to prosecutors, DeMay attempted to offer his extortionists $300 as payment, however, they were not content with this amount and instead demanded $1,000.

According to Totten, three men were in the process of being extradited from Nigeria with the help of local authorities. According to the prosecutor, the investigation is still ongoing.

A GoFundMe page has been created to provide assistance to the DeMay family. At the time of writing, the page has accumulated nearly $25,000 in donations.

According to Marquette County Sheriff Greg Sieburt, in March 2022, the individual was informed that the perpetrators possessed all of her Facebook contacts, along with contacts from other social media platforms, as well as a nude photograph.

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