Dexter Yael, 2, Identified As Victim Mauled To Death By Family’s German Shepard

Dexter Yael, 2, Identified As Victim Mauled To Death By Family’s German Shepard

A tragic incident occurred as a 2-year-old boy was fatally attacked by his family’s German Shepherd after accidentally stumbling on top of the dog.

In a tragic incident, young Dexter Yael lost his life after being bitten on the neck by a dog that had been a part of his family for four years. The incident occurred at their residence in Costa Rica, where the boy accidentally fell on the animal.

Yojebeth Guevara, the mother of Dexter, was bitten during Monday’s attack while attempting to shield her son.

In an incident involving a dog, two neighbors sustained injuries while attempting to drag the animal.

According to local media, Alex Guerra, father of Dexter, reported that his son was attacked by a dog after stumbling upon it.

According to the owner, the dog has become accustomed to her son. According to sources, the couple has been together since the male partner’s infancy.

According to reports, the German Shepherd attacked a boy and was eventually pulled away by the boy’s neighbor, Oscar Rodriguez.

The young man was taken to the hospital and unfortunately succumbed to his injuries.

According to Ruben Rodriguez, the president of the Costa Rican Kennel Federation, the dog at the home was found to be well taken care of and had ample space to move around.

The fate of the animal is currently in the hands of the National Animal Health Service, who have confiscated it and will be making a decision in the coming days.

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