16-year-old Isacc Zetino killed in shooting altercation at Houston after-prom party

According to police, a 16-year-old was shot and slain during an altercation at an after-prom party in Houston early on Saturday morning.

According to a news release from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, police were called to a residence at 1:30 a.m. on Saturday following a gunshot. According to the release, responding officers discovered 16-year-old Isacc Zetino, who had been “hit by gunfire.” At the site, Zetino was pronounced deceased.

The sheriff’s office stated that Zetino was attending an after-prom celebration and was not a resident of the residence. They discovered that Zetino and another “juvenile male” were involved in an altercation with the father of a girl who was also present at the party. During that altercation, “both parties produced handguns and fired at each other,” per the sheriff’s office.

According to the release, investigators located the father who had exchanged gunfire with the teenagers. Police have not identified the suspect. According to the sheriff’s office, he provided them with a statement that stated, in part, “he had acted in self-defense when shooting.” His statement was corroborated by evidence at the site, according to the release.

Currently, no charges have been filed, according to the release. The case continues to be investigated.

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