Uros Blazic Identified As Gunman Who Opened Fire On Kids; Killed 8 Injured 14

The Interior Ministry reported on Friday that Serbian police had apprehended a suspected gunman after a lengthy manhunt lasting several hours. The shooter is suspected of indiscriminately firing an automatic rifle from a car overnight, killing eight people and injuring 14 others.

After a fight with a police officer in a park, 21-year-old Uro Blai started killing people with automatic weapons, which is when the nightmare started.

The incident occurred the day after the first school shooting in contemporary Serbian history, in which a 13-year-old boy shot and killed a security guard and eight other students.

A second mass shooting occurred in the towns of Mladenovac and Dubona, roughly 30 miles south of the capital Belgrade, as soon as the devastated nation recovered from the first.

After driving for a distance of many kilometers, Blazic shot four individuals who were mending the fence after getting out of the car and opening fire with a machine gun at those nearby the fire, according to Novosti.

After that, he carried on acting erratically before driving to Dubona’s center and resuming his shooting.

A police officer who was on duty and his sister were among the casualties, who ranged in age from 15 to 22.

The Telegraph said that a witness “saw a man standing in the school yard and shooting at children sitting on a bench.”

Then, according to reports, Blazic fled the scene by allegedly stealing a cab and threatening the driver with a grenade.

He allegedly would have killed the pregnant woman in the cockpit had he not run out of ammo.

A large manhunt for Blasik was begun by hundreds of police officers using helicopters and drones. Police officers were also seen stopping vehicles at roadblocks.

Later, he was detained in Kragujevac, a town about 60 miles south of Belgrade, and was captured on camera while he was handcuffed in the backseat of a police vehicle.

Milan Prokic, a local of Dubona, said he initially believed the villagers were shooting to commemorate a child’s birth, as is traditional in Serbia and the Balkans.

It wasn’t like that, though. Shame, big shame, I just heard a few sounds,” he said.

“They claim that the child killed them intentionally. They claim that after a fight broke out in the middle of the town, he went home, got a gun, and came back to murder them.

Why did he go to kill in the nearby villages if such were the case?

Another Dubona villager claimed that he heard gunfire yesterday night and left the house.

The individual, who wished to protect his identity by not stating his name, claimed that he could smell gunpowder.

“We noticed individuals on the ground. There was a sound coming from the school.

Aleksandar Vui, the president of Serbia, denounced the incident and suggested stricter gun control measures.

Vucic suggested putting a stop to the issue of any kind of authorization for carrying guns.

He described the move, which would also involve more frequent physical and mental examinations of gun owners, as a “practical disarmament” of Serbia.

In order to increase school security, the government will also hire 1,200 additional police officers, according to Vui. Literally the next day after the school shooting, the tragedy struck.

The boy allegedly made a horrific “killer list” before murdering eight children at his school, according to the police.

During the violent protests in Belgrade, the 13-year-old honor student allegedly had two pistols, four Molotov cocktails, and a “hit list” of other kids he wanted to murder.

2013 was the most recent mass shooting in Serbia. In that episode, a veteran of the war murdered 13 people in a town in the nation’s center.

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