Sommer Amari Identified As Victim Killed In A Head-On-Collision In Ibiza

A British woman who died in a car accident that left her six-year-old daughter fighting for her life is receiving tributes.

In addition to heartbreaking condolences from loved ones, Sommer Amari, 42, who died at the site of the head-on collision in Ibiza, is remembered as a “ray of sunshine” by those who knew her.

Due to the seriousness of her wounds, daughter Betty was evacuated from an island hospital’s intensive care unit to a hospital in Mallorca.

Her fiancé Nick Peurth’s happiness was evident in social media posts following their engagement last Christmas.

“So happy to be engaged to my love Sommer Amari,” he exclaimed. I’m shocked that she said yes.

Now, passionate messages from Sommer’s grieving friends and relatives are flooding her social media platforms.

Friend Colleen Wilson penned these heartbreaking words on Facebook: “Our hearts will be devastated forever.

“Sending Betty and Nick my love and my strength. The daughter goes to bed by herself nowadays.

Furthermore, it’s heartbreaking, Pernilla Parfit continued. I am heartbroken about Sommer’s passing. She was such a light of sunshine, and her positive outlook and vivacious spirit were contagious.

“I’ll miss seeing her in the city, I’m sorry. I’m sending her family and friends so much love and I’m praying for tiny Betty.

Another buddy remarked, “I was stunned and flabbergasted. Sommer Amari, I can’t believe you’re gone.

“You have so much life left in you, and you have so much more to give to this world with your irreplaceable personality, good times, enormous heart, and contagious laughter.”

No words can adequately express the shock the world felt this morning when you weren’t there, Lucy Hutton continued.

There is a party angel in heaven. I knew there was no way I would return home whenever I noticed you weren’t there.

An online fundraiser set up by a friend for the deceased woman’s daughter and boyfriend has already received more money than anticipated.

Along with other friends who wanted to support the family, one well-wisher from Britain made a staggering £4,400 donation to the draft.

A former classmate who also sent money stated, “You were an amazing force of nature at school and it’s clear you continued to live your life as you did with love for your entire family.”

An update was given by the fundraiser: “Nick wasn’t there. She had a skull operation, and is presently recovering. She has a shattered limb and internal damage, but we hope she will recover.

“Please pray for her and keep her in your thoughts. Send Nick and his family and friends, who are devastated by this news, a lot of love. We are all heartbroken.

According to local reports, Sommer was killed when a leased Toyota being driven by a 40-year-old Norwegian lady lost control and collided with Sommer’s vehicle.

According to a source in the Civil Guard, they are awaiting the findings of an investigation into a Norwegian woman’s drug and alcohol case.

“It appears that she caused the accident by losing control of her vehicle and colliding head-on with a Ford Focus traveling the opposite way, driven by a British woman,” they stated.

Despite the fact that the collision is still being investigated, speeding may have played a role.

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