Miss Universe finalist: Australian fitness model Sienna Weir Passed Away In Tragic Horse Riding Accident


At the young age of 23, a Miss Universe finalist has passed away due to a tragic horse riding accident. Australian fitness model Sienna Weir, who is based in Sydney, was on life support for several weeks before it was removed on Thursday.

Sienna has reportedly passed away in a tragic car accident. The specifics surrounding her untimely demise were not revealed.


In a statement given following the passing of his girlfriend, Tom Bull expressed his profound grief, stating, “We loved with a love that was more than love.”

Following the recent passing of an individual, tributes from loved ones have inundated social media platforms. Numerous individuals have conveyed their sympathies in the individual’s most recent Instagram post.


According to a friend, today heaven received a stunning angel. The individual expressed their affection towards Siena [sic] and conveyed their feelings of missing them.

According to her statement, the woman expressed that the aspiring model’s smile had the ability to brighten up any room and she considered herself fortunate to have had the opportunity to know her.


According to her modeling agency, Scoop Management, a number of photographs of the model were released, with the agency stating that she will be forever remembered.

One of the 27 finalists in the Australian Miss Universe 2022 pageant was the rising star.


According to her interview with Gold Coast Magazine last year, she disclosed that she has been riding horses since she was young and shared her experience.

According to her statement, she has been riding horses since the age of three and her family is uncertain about the origin of her passion for it. She further added that she cannot envision her life without horse riding.

The individual stated that they travel to rural Sydney two to three times per week for the purpose of training and competing in various locations throughout New South Wales and the wider Australian region on a weekly basis.

Following the tragic passing of the star, photographer Chris Dwyer also shared a touching tribute.

According to him, the departed individual was one of the most compassionate individuals in the world, with a radiant personality that brightened up any room. He lamented that the world has become significantly gloomier following the individual’s passing.

The user expressed a hopeful sentiment, stating that they hope the recipient of their message is the beloved gremlin that is familiar to all.The individual expressed their longing for the person they are addressing, stating that they already miss them greatly.

According to sources, the model reportedly holds a double degree in English Literature and Psychology from the University of Sydney.

According to recent reports, Sienna has disclosed her intention to relocate to London in order to be closer to her family and advance her professional pursuits.

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