Louis Felipe Martinez Arrested And Charged For Kidnap And Assault

Louis Felipe Martinez Arrested And Charged For Kidnap And Assault

A 27-year-old man named Louis Felipe Martinez has been arrested and charged with kidnapping and assault. The charges stem from an incident at William A. Pitts Park on Tuesday afternoon, where Martinez allegedly approached a 17-year-old girl who was walking her dog.

According to detectives from the Special Victims Division, Martinez grabbed the girl’s elbow while keeping his hand in the front pouch of his hooded sweatshirt.

The individual in question was suspected of carrying a concealed weapon, prompting the woman to accompany him out of a sense of apprehension and a perceived lack of freedom to depart. According to eyewitnesses, he proceeded to grasp her by the face and plant a kiss on her.

According to the victim, the suspect lifted her shirt. She then noticed a pond nearby with people present and informed him that she needed to take her dog there for a drink of water. As the couple neared the pond, he seized her cellphone, created a social media profile, and instructed her to get in touch with him. The individual departed from the scene without any additional occurrences.

According to sources, Martinez was identified through his social media account. According to reports, the victim has positively identified him. On Thursday night, he was apprehended at his residence on Raywood Lane, which is in close proximity to the park.

In an interview, Martinez confessed to his involvement in this case. The investigation is ongoing regarding other similar incidents. The individual in question is currently being held in custody on a bond amounting to $76,000.

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