Kingston Campbell, 6, Identified As Victim Shot And Killed In Lynchburg Shooting

In Lynchburg, Virginia, tragedy struck when a group of suspects opened fire on a home, resulting in the death of 6-year-old Kingston Campbell. The young boy was playing video games in his bedroom when the incident occurred.

Reports from authorities and family members indicate that Campbell was fatally shot in the head while playing a game on his bed at approximately 11:12 p.m.

According to a statement received by the local NBC affiliate station 10 News, the mother of the victim reported that her son, who was her youngest child and only son, was killed in the presence of his two sisters.

“The bereaved mother, Shay Fowler, expressed that it breaks her heart to know that someone could be so careless and do that to him,” she said. According to surveillance footage obtained by the police, several shots were fired at a residence on Floyd Street in Kingston by multiple gunmen.

The gunmen then fled towards 17th Street. Lynchburg police are currently seeking the public’s help in identifying the shooters as none of the suspects have been caught yet.

According to a statement released by the Lynchburg Police Department, the murder of the child is a tragic incident resulting from a violent criminal act that is deemed unacceptable in the community. Fowler reported that her son was killed while participating in one of his beloved pastimes.

According to her, Kingston had a great fondness for video games and electronics. According to the source, the child in question would allegedly sneak up on their Nintendo Switch during the late hours of the night for the sole purpose of playing Fortnite or Roblox.

According to Fowler, her child found pleasure in playing video games, snuggling with stuffed animals, showcasing his melodious singing skills, and entertaining others with his amusing dance moves.

According to sources, the individual in question made a daily request to visit McDonald’s for a Happy Meal and was observed offering prayers for the family during supper. According to her statement, she was completely under Kingston’s influence.

According to the individual, the person in question was the cause of their downfall. The individual stated that they have only one child. The user’s eldest child stated, “I will never be the same.”

According to Fowler, at the age of six, Kingston possessed a lovely voice and he is now with God, singing his heart out.In a statement, the grieving mother expressed her pain and sadness over the fact that her child had to suffer.

She also shared her hope that no other parent would have to endure the same heartbreak. The individual stated that the upcoming journey for themselves and their daughters will be arduous and lengthy. “Kingston Ah’mon Campbell will always be remembered,” says the user.

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