Kentavious White Identified As Alleged Shooter In Moultrie shootings


According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), three shooting events in Moultrie resulted in the deaths of four persons, including the alleged shooter. One of the victims’ identity as well as the shooter’s have been made public.

According to the GBI, the alleged shooter was Moultrie resident Kentavious White, 26. Amia Smith, 41, was named as the alleged shooter’s assistant manager.


A man and a woman were discovered dead at a McDonald’s in the 500 block of First Avenue SE on Thursday morning just before 6 a.m., and Moultrie police called the GBI for assistance.

The GBI said that after viewing the camera tape, White entered the restaurant and beckoned for Smith to approach the entrance. White then shot Smith in the chest, according to the GBI. According to a release, White is then seen entering the restaurant before shooting himself.


Moultrie police were reacting to another shooting while GBI agents were en route to the McDonald’s site. According to a GBI press statement, the suspected shooter’s mother, 50, was discovered in the 1100 block of 6th Street SW with a gunshot wound but was otherwise unharmed.

She was admitted to the hospital, according to officials, but she eventually passed away from her wounds.


The third report of a shooting at the home next door on 6th Street SW prompted police to send a second response. Officials announced that the suspected shooter’s grandma, age 74, had been discovered dead.

When the event occurred, a woman WALB News 10 spoke with lived across the street from the 6th Street SW gunshot. She claimed that about 12 a.m. on Thursday, she heard six to seven bullets being fired, but when she looked outside, she saw nothing.


A resident of Moultrie named Tanner Strickland remarked that what transpired doesn’t seem plausible.

It’s tragic, I tell you. Please keep the Moultrie community, as well as the family, in your prayers, Strickland said.

The alleged shooter’s mother and grandmother have not yet been identified by name.

According to the coroner, the GBI Medical Examiner’s Office has received the deceased’s bodies for autopsies.

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