Aidan Ralph Lowa State Footall Player Arrested On Suspicion Of Raping A Motionless Woman

A woman was pushed so hard that she shattered her spine, and Aidan Ralph, an Iowa State football player, was arrested on suspicion of raping her as she lay motionless on stairs in his house.

Aidan Ralph, a 20-year-old linebacker and redshirt sophomore from Chicago, was jailed on Wednesday on Story County felony sexual assault and misdemeanor domestic violence charges in connection with the alleged attack at his Ames home at around 1 a.m. on December 3.

Aidan Ralph has been detained after being charged of raping a woman who had been hurt.
According to a police report, Ralph allegedly accused the woman of cheating before repeatedly pushing her, once onto the steps.

According to the police report, the woman begged Ralph to call 911 since the injury rendered her immobilized. According to the complaint, he continued even after she begged him to stop and instead raped her while lying on top of her.

The next court appearance in the case was set for May 15, and Ralph was given a $11,000 bond, a public defender to represent him, and instructions not to communicate with his accuser. Calls to the Iowa Public Defender’s Story County office were automatically disconnected on Thursday.

Ralph stayed in jail on Thursday. The athletic department at Iowa State has confirmed that Ralph has departed the football team.

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