Vasilisa Faizova Buried In A Shallow Grade By Russian Trash Streamer


In breaking news, a Russian individual who is known as a “trash streamer” has been apprehended under suspicion of committing a heinous crime. The individual is accused of using a hammer and strangulation to take the life of a young girl, while an accomplice filmed the gruesome act.

According to reports, a 16-year-old blogger and his 15-year-old female accomplice have been accused of burying 13-year-old Vasilisa Faizova in a shallow grave in St. Petersburg. The grave was reportedly dug prior to the incident.


As per the victim’s distressed mother, the victim believed that she was heading out for a picnic with the couple.

According to reports, a video depicting the purported assassination has been making rounds on social media. Additionally, mainstream media outlets, including Zvezda, a network owned by the Russian Defense Ministry, have aired blurry footage of the incident.


According to reports, the individual known as the “garbage blogger” has allegedly admitted to murdering Vasilisa in order to demonstrate his “greatness” and capability of committing heinous acts.

According to reports, the 15-year-old accomplice stated that she was informed that she would be recording “cool content” with the boy as they entered the woods.


According to reports, she informed the police that she was unaware of the boy’s plan to murder Vasilisa. According to police reports, she admitted to assisting in the burial of the body.

According to reports, two suspects allegedly sent a message from the victim’s phone to her mother claiming that she had left home to start a new life, before destroying the device.


According to reports, the blogger later released an alleged confession on his Telegram channel, in which he claimed responsibility for the death of his girlfriend, Vasilisa.

The individual stated that they killed the victim by striking them with a hammer multiple times on the head and subsequently strangling them to death.The individual stated that they engaged in the activity as a means of self-validation, to demonstrate their proficiency in committing heinous acts.

The individual stated that they were able to prove something to themselves. The individual acknowledged that they cannot evade the consequences of their actions. In addition, he contacted his parents, who were away on vacation, to admit to the killing.

In a state of complete shock, they immediately called the police.

In a recent development, a boy led the police to the burial site of a deceased individual in the Primorsky district of the city, located near the Kamenka River.

The suspect is currently being held in custody on suspicion of murder, while his accomplice is also in custody at a children’s institution.

Local authorities are currently investigating the case.

Amidst the ongoing conflict initiated by Vladimir Putin in Ukraine, Russia has been grappling with a series of murders and incidents of domestic violence.

In a disturbing incident last month, a three-year-old girl was reportedly taken away to be raped and killed after her mother allegedly sold her for drugs. Footage of the incident has been captured.

In a shocking turn of events, Luz, known for her frequent attire of a blue dress adorned with Disney’s Frozen characters, was reportedly betrayed by her own mother in exchange for 30 pieces of cocaine.

According to reports, a video has surfaced which appears to depict a young girl desperately attempting to escape from her mother’s partner. The footage is said to be particularly distressing.

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