Teri Lynn Apple Identified As Lady Found Dead Of Stab Wound In Puna


Teri Lynn Apple, age 58, was the lady found dead after being stabbed in Puna on April 28.

Around 2:30 pm on April 28, Big Island police officers responded to a report of an unidentified disturbance at a residence on 38th Avenue in Orchidland.


Officers claimed to have discovered a man, later identified as Christopher Roy Howlind, 52, having a medical episode outside the house when they arrived. According to the authorities, Howlind had blood-stained clothes and injuries on his hands. Near Howlind, according to police, they discovered a large sword covered in blood.

Howlind started throwing up and lost consciousness, which led to his arrest and subsequent hospitalization. Before the police arrived, according to investigators, he reportedly ingested some sort of chemical liquid.


Several knife wounds to Apple’s upper body, neck, arms, and hands were visible when her body was discovered on the scene. Apple was found dead on May 2 after an autopsy revealed several cut wounds and sharp-forced injuries were to blame. Her death was determined to be a homicide.

Howlind continues to be in stable condition at the hospital. Authorities claim he has not been charged for the attack because of his health.


The relationship between Apple and Howlind has not been disclosed by the police, but according to the detectives, this incident appears to have been tied to domestic violence. Investigations are still ongoing in this situation.

Call Detective Clarence Davies of the Area I Criminal Investigation Section at 808-961-2382 or the police department’s non-emergency line at 808-935-3311 if you have any information.

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