Stephen McHugh Identified As Suspect Killer Of Rebecca Steer Outside Shropshire Restaurant.


A 22-year-old woman was killed by Stephen McHugh after he struck her with his automobile outside a Shropshire restaurant.

Stephen McHugh “used his car as a weapon” by ramming into a line of onlookers in Oswestry, killing Rebecca Steer. He didn’t possess a driver’s license.


The incident occurred around 2.45 a.m. on Sunday, October 9, 2017, and McHugh, 28, testified in court that he had six beers, 10 double shots of vodka, as well as up to seven lines of cocaine, before the accident. Outside the Grill Out restaurant in Oswestry, his car jumped the curb and struck Ms. Steer, an innocent bystander.

She was killed as a result of “catastrophic” injuries after being crushed beneath the car. According to prosecutor Kevin Hegarty KC, McHugh had pulled over and had a conversation with a group of persons next to the Grill Out. In his testimony before the court, Mr. Hegarty stated that McHugh maneuvered before driving straight into the crowd, adding, “We say he used his car as a weapon – he used the power and weight of the car to strike the group.”


A man was found guilty in Oswestry of killing Rebecca Steer, 22, with a car as a weapon.

Three people, including two men who were “knocked aside” by the front wing, suffered injuries. Rebecca Steer was more in the front of the automobile, and when it passed through the group at a faster pace, it dragged her down under it,” Mr. Hegarty continued.


After an earlier altercation nearby, McHugh claimed he was trying to scare the onlookers when he admitted manslaughter and assault in court. By an 11-1 margin, the Stafford Crown Court jury found McHugh guilty of murder and attempting to conduct aggravated bodily harm with the intent to do so.

Before a judge on the second charge was returned, McHugh, who is originally from Liverpool but was living close to Oswestry at the time of the attack, yelled and bolted from the dock. His prior drug offenses and the 2019 discovery of a sawn-off shotgun in Merseyside were made public after the trial.


“Rebecca Adelaide Steer, Becca to us, Becky to everyone else, was a pure joy to have as a daughter/sister and we all feel lucky to have had her in our lives, but we will always feel robbed,” the victims’ family stated in a statement.

We all have the right to live our lives, but she had no culpability in losing her life due to a few seconds of someone else’s ignorance.” Becca was 22 years old when she entered our lives, and she will always be that age, stunning and amazing.

“This was a horrendous attack that tragically robbed an innocent young woman of her life while she was enjoying a night out with friends,” West Mercia Police Detective Chief Inspector Mark Bellamy said following the conviction.

“I’m pleased that justice was served today for Rebecca, and my thoughts are with her family,” “I salute them for the honorable way in which they have conducted themselves throughout the trial, exhibiting venerable strength and resilience in listening to McHugh’s contemptible and narcissistic behavior throughout the trial in a desperate attempt to avoid justice,” the judge said. I’m glad the jury was able to see through his web of deceit and found him guilty based on the evidence that was shown to them.

McHugh has been remanded in custody and will be sentenced on May 5th, a Friday.

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