Stephanie Melgoza Identified As Suspect In The Murder Of Andrea Rosewicz And Paul Prowant

In the footage made public by Law & Crime on Sunday, Stephanie Melgoza is shown being contacted by law enforcement after killing Paul Prowant, 55, and Andrea Rosewicz, 43, outside the Full Throttle bar in East Peoria.

The footage shows Melgoza, who was three times the legal blood-alcohol limit, grinning silly and making fun of herself as she fails to follow a police officer’s instructions. As the officer tries to help her follow a light with her eyes at the scene of the accident on April 10, 2022, she says, “I told you, it’s hard. She responds, “I’d rather do the walking test.”

According to 25 News, Melgoza, of Farmington, told the responding police that she drank three vodkas before getting behind the wheel. One officer observed that she had red eyes, a strong alcohol odor, and slurred speech. Melgoza failed each of his field sobriety tests.

What Actions Did Stephanie Melgoza Take? In the moments following the incident, the suspect in the killings of Andrea Rosewicz and Paul Prowant Melgoza, a 23-year-old Bradley University student, seemed similarly nonchalant on bodycam footage from OSF St. Francis Hospital. Before asking the police if she can have her car back in time for class the next day, she sings and dances for a while on the examination table.

You killed two people tonight, you’re going to jail, and you don’t have a bond. The officer replies, “I don’t think you comprehend. “Your vehicle…”He continues, calling Melgoza “pathetic” for being so “careless,” saying, “It’s a crime scene, and it murdered two people tonight. Despite receiving her diploma, Melgoza was taken off the list of graduates who were allowed to walk because of student backlash.

According to the Pekin Times, she pleaded guilty to four felonies, including two counts of aggravated DUI death, and was given a 14-year prison sentence last week. Melgoza broke down in tears as she apologized for her actions at the sentencing hearing. She said, “I’m really sorry about everything, and I’ll never, ever do anything like that again.

Since that day, I haven’t had a drink.”I have no desire to use alcohol ever again. By speaking out about it and educating people about the risks of drinking, I hope to help make a difference.The judge was urged by Rosewicz’s sister to impose the maximum penalty of 28 years in prison.

She addressed Melgoza, “There are no words that can even begin to express the grief and anguish that you have caused me, our families, and Andrea’s friends on you.

The day Samantha Hutchinson, 34, a bride, was killed in South Carolina by an alleged drunk driver as she left her wedding celebration, the footage of Melgoza’s heartless behavior was made public. The 25-year-old driver of the collision, Jamie Komoroski, is reportedly being kept on suicide watch in custody.

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