Sir-Antonio A. Brown, 6, Identified As Child Killed In Kansas City Shooting


The identity of the child killed in a shooting incident in Kansas City, Kansas on Wednesday has been revealed by the family as 6-year-old Sir-Antonio A. Brown.

A shooting incident occurred at around 6:15 p.m. on Greeley Avenue’s 3100 block, resulting in the injury of a male victim. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital, where he later succumbed to his injuries.


According to Shawna Davis-Scott, Sir, a 6-year-old boy, was recognized for his habit of frequently checking in with his family and asking if they were doing well. He even considered himself the guardian of the family.

According to the KCK police, Sir was present outside a relative’s residence during the time of the shooting. As per the family, Sir’s mother and her sister reside across the street from each other in the same KCK locality. An unidentified adult was also present with Sir during the incident.


According to family members, Sir was enjoying a bike ride with a cousin while the rest of the family was gathered on the back porch and outside a nearby house. Suddenly, a vehicle pulled up and three individuals wearing black masks emerged.

The suspects proceeded to walk north from Lafayette Avenue towards the houses, at which point they began firing shots.


After a shooting incident on Wednesday night, investigators released a photo of a suspect vehicle. On Thursday morning, they announced that the vehicle had been found. However, the alleged shooter or shooters are still on the loose.

According to police, the shooting was not a random act and a total of 37 rounds were fired.


According to family members, it is believed that the gunmen were specifically targeting an older member of the family.

There were several shooters involved in the incident. They also stated that the adult who was with the children outside was likely the intended target.

A student by the name of Sir attended West Park Elementary School. According to district officials, additional counselors have been deployed to the school in order to offer ample emotional support to both students and families.

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