Sean Ferris Suspect, Shot Dead After Crystal Brook Police Stabbing Attack


Sean Farris, the accused: Two South Australian police officers were brought to the home of a guy who stabbed them in a “horrific” attack before being shot dead after receiving a “minor disturbance” call about a barking dog.

After visiting Sean Scott Francis Ferris’ home on Symons Street in Crystal Brook, around 200 kilometers north of Adelaide, yesterday morning, Brevet Sergeants Ian Todd, 53, and Jordan Allely, 32, suffered serious wounds. Allely was stabbed in the right leg and arm, and Todd was stabbed in the neck, arm, and hand.


One of them was able to fire first, instantly killing Ferris. Clearly, Ferris’ dog’s excessive barking was the cause of numerous complaints that led to the event. After a fight with Pauline Flavel, who was familiar with Ferris from their previous interactions keeping his dog calm outside of stores, police were summoned to Ferris’ home.

According to Flavel, Ferris’ dog was chained up outside Foodland, so she brought him up the bench and untied him so she could sit with him to quiet him down. When Sean arrived, Flavel said, “I’d barely tied him up and stopped him from yapping and carrying on.”


Flavel claimed that when Ferris came outside and couldn’t locate his dog, he appeared to lose it. “He went off his tree at me,” she said. “When he went off on me like that, it caught me off guard.”She asserted that Ferris had never previously spoken to her in that way.

Authorities received a report about the incident from someone other than Flavel, and the next day, two officers visited Ferris’ home. According to neighbors, Ferris was overheard yelling at police to quit bothering him about his dog before hitting the couple.


According to Police Commissioner Grant Stevens, Allely has been released from the Royal Adelaide Hospital and is now recovering with family. Todd underwent surgery for his serious injuries overnight, and he is still there.

He underwent a lengthy surgery yesterday night, and the results were excellent. Today, he is continuing to make improvement, according to Stevens. The neighbor who rescued Todd and the medical staff who provided for his needs were among those thanked by the police commissioner for helping to save his life. Additionally, he thanked everyone for their well wishes. It’s crucial, in my opinion, that these two officials are aware that the entire organization is considering them, he said.


Ferris’ increasingly aggressive behavior has been noted by locals in Crystal Brook, including Flavel, who had never seen him act in such a hostile manner outside a Foodland. David, a buddy of Ferris, disclosed that he had started to acquire weapons.

He had a ton of homemade weapons that he had built using the internet to acquire bows, arrows, and various parts. David claims that Ferris despises the police a lot. This was due to the fact that he frequently received calls from them about unimportant issues, such as his dog barking outside of Foodland, he said.

To ascertain how the tragedy happened, several investigations are being conducted. Premier Peter Malinauskas remarked that this was the most distressing event to affect a police officer in our state in a very long time.

Police Minister Joe Szakacs claims that the episode shocked both the police department and South Australian community. We are all reminded of the great threats police face on a daily basis by yesterday’s episode with the horrible brutality committed against Ian and Jordan, he said. It’s a catastrophe for the whole state.

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