Lauren Heike, 29, Found Dead With Body Injuries On Popular Hiking Trail In North Phoenix.


Lauren Heike, 29, was discovered dead. On a well-traveled hiking trail in north Phoenix, she was found.

According to the Phoenix Police Department, Lauren Heike went for a trek on a trail close to 6500 East Libby Street on Friday around 10 a.m. Around 10:30 on Saturday morning, her body was discovered after police were alerted to a report of an apparent injury.


Heike’s body had been recognized, according to police. She was discovered to have “body injuries” and was pronounced dead at the spot.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Phoenix Homicide Lieutenant James Hester explained to the media that Heike was discovered in a spot that was not readily apparent from the trail. Hester said that she was attacked from behind and suffered fatal wounds.


She was recalled as a lovely and kind girl “who was everything to us” by the Heike family, who appeared with the Phoenix Police Department at a press conference.

“It is awful. We are thankful that we have such a beautiful child, despite how difficult it is for us, said the mother, Heike Lana. She had fantastic pals, so we’re thankful for that.


Her father, Jeff, said, “She was my little baby and I shall miss her tremendously. “I just hope they can track down whoever hurt her,”

A brief security camera video that was provided by the police showed a person of interest passing by the scene where Heike was discovered dead. The suspect is described as being between 5 feet 8 inches and 6 feet tall, dressed in all-black, and toting a rucksack.


The investigator requested members of the public to contact detectives with any information because he believed a person of interest might stand out on the trail.

“The behavior, in my opinion, was so heinous that I could assume the subject would show behavioral symptoms that would look out of place,” stated Hester.

Hester characterized the scene of Heike’s death as a public trail where people frequently ride horses or SUVs and where houses are close by.

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