Fabian Alberto Sanchez Gonzalez Identified As T-Mobile Employee Found Dead Of Gunshot Wound; Suspect Arested

Baltimore police have confirmed that an arrest has been made in the murder of the T-Mobile employee who was shot during an armed robbery at a Canton shopping center on April 30.

The 23-year-old employee was discovered by officers inside with a gunshot wound. Fabian Alberto Sanchez Gonzalez was admitted to a hospital for medical attention, however, unfortunately, he passed away a day later.

In the 2500 block of Boston, there is a T-Mobile store. A male has been shot inside a location. According to scanner traffic, an individual made a call using a T-Mobile phone.

According to police, a robbery was announced by two males who have not been identified yet. During the robbery, one of the suspects shot the store employee.

According to reports, the suspects allegedly demanded the belongings of multiple customers before making their escape on foot.

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