Dereck Owusu and Louis James Identified As Suspect Of Murder Of Reece Radford

The suspects, Dereck Owusu and Louis James For the murder of a young parent who rushed to save a 17-year-old girl who was being attacked, two men from Yorkshire received life sentences.

Reece Radford, 26, passed away from a single chest stab wound six days after being approached by Owusu and James. At Sheffield Crown Court, Owusu, 40, of Strathmore Grove in Rotherham, and James, 46, of Manor Lane in Sheffield, were both given life sentences with minimum incarceration terms of 15 and 25 years, respectively. In a statement read aloud at Sheffield Crown Court, Mr. Radford’s mother, Laura Radford, said, “My heart is broken. It wasn’t just my son who was killed that night. My family was killed.”

“Reece was the heart and spirit of the family. The moment he entered a room, he would make it brighter. He was more than just my kid; he was also my sweetheart, my greatest friend, and everything to me.Knowing that I’ll never see his large brown eyes, hear his laugh, or watch him develop into the best father ever makes me sick to my stomach.

We no longer have access to that.”Our hearts will never heal from the loss of Reece – he was special and loved beyond life,” Ms. Radford penned. He will always be missed by all of us.

“According to the police, just before 1 a.m. on September 29, Owusu and James saw the 17-year-old girl on Arundel Gate in the heart of Sheffield. They added that before a heated argument broke out and Owusu punched the teenager in the face, the couple had shared drinks with her. Officers claimed that Mr. Radford intervened to assist the girl in a “good Samaritan” manner, striking Owusu in the face in the process.

“Our sincere condolences”
Reece was kicked repeatedly by both males while he lay on the ground after the three ended up in the street, according to Detective Chief Inspector Rebecca Hodgman. The onslaught suddenly came to an abrupt halt.Reece crossed the street and passed out on the other side.

He took a knife to the chest. Owusu re-entered the room, swung his belt in the air, and struck Reece’s companion while he was dialing 911 as Reece lay on the floor in critical condition.” The soldiers then took off again in flight. “Reece’s family has been devastated by his death,” Ms. Hodgman concluded.

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