Russell Scozzi Identified As Missing Man Remain Found After 21 Years


The human remains found in the woods of Swansea have been identified as belonging to a man who disappeared 21 years ago.

Russell Scozzi, who was last seen in May 2002, has been identified by South Wales Police through forensic examinations. A discovery was made on April 6th behind Waverley Drive in the Mumbles neighborhood of the city.


According to detectives, Ms. Scozzi’s family has been notified and is currently receiving assistance from highly trained police.

At 43 years old, Russell Scozzi had reached middle age. After 21 years, remains have been discovered.


Detective Chief Inspector Matt Davies stated that the investigation into the discovery of Mr. Scozzi’s remains is still ongoing. The purpose of the investigation is to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident as well as the cause of death. A resident by the name of Mr. Scozzi hailed from the West Cross locality of Swansea.

According to Russell’s sister, her heart sympathizes with his children who have been raised without their father and have never truly understood the circumstances surrounding his disappearance.

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