Rudy Lazo Identified As Man Beaten To Death In Mexico While Delivering Donations


According to his relatives, Rudy Lazo, 79, of California, was brutally beaten to death while donating money to poor families in Tijuana, Mexico.

According to his grieving son and daughter on Saturday, Rudy Lazo was fatally beaten during an alleged robbery in the middle of April, not long after the US State Department advised Americans against visiting Mexico owing to an upsurge in kidnappings and deaths in areas near Tijuana. His son, Juan Carlos Lazo, said he was always very kind and willing to help anyone in need.


According to his family, Rudy routinely made the three-hour trip from his home in San Bernadino to Tijuana to donate food, clothing, toys, and other goods to people in need.

After immigrating to the United States from El Salvador in the 1980s, Rudy settled down with his family and worked as a truck driver, but he was continuously looking for ways to assist those who were in need. On April 18, Rudy’s family became concerned when he was unable to be reached by phone. Police in Mexico informed his family that his remains had been found the next day. J


uan Carlos traveled 125 miles, from San Bernadino to Tijuana, to locate his father’s remains. He said that his father was killed during a heist and that he was violently battered to death. He did not deserve it. No, Juan Carlos said, “No human deserves this.”

Rudy’s personal items were never found, including his truck. His relatives claim that Mexican authorities have not made any arrests. His daughter Claudia Hernandez remembers him constantly telling the family that he felt safe while making donations in Tijuana.


“Over there, it’s very dangerous.” He probably believed he wouldn’t encounter any difficulties because he is an elderly person, but it is really risky, she said. Hernandez shared heartfelt video of her father delivering donations along with the caption, “Just to see him in the videos is beautiful.”

According to his family, Rudy was so dedicated to helping the locals of Tijuana that he had planned to assist in establishing a community center there. To be buried next to his loved ones, his body will be brought back to El Salvador.


His passing occurs at a time when the United States has warned American citizens in general not to travel to Mexico, specifically Baja California. In a warning issued in February, the State Department said that “violent crime, such as homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery, is widespread and common in Mexico.”

The US government has limited ability to provide emergency services to US citizens in various areas of Mexico since travel by US government officials to specific areas of Mexico is prohibited or restricted.In many states, local emergency services are occasionally scarce outside of the state capital or major cities.

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