NYC Subway Passenger Putting Unhinged Man ‘Jordan Neely’ In Deadly Chokehold


In a recent incident at a Manhattan subway station, a straphanger was caught on camera taking matters into his own hands and pinning down an unhinged man. The incident was captured in dramatic new video footage.

According to police and a witness who captured the incident on video, a 30-year-old vagrant named Jordan Neely went on an aggressive rant on a northbound F train on Monday afternoon. The situation was diffused when a 24-year-old passenger intervened.


During an interview on Tuesday, freelance journalist Juan Alberto Vazquez reported in Spanish that the disturbed man began to make a speech.

“He started screaming in an aggressive manner,” as reported by The Post. According to the individual, he stated that he lacked both food and drink, and expressed fatigue. Furthermore, he conveyed a lack of concern regarding potential incarceration. According to eyewitnesses, the individual began shouting various statements before abruptly removing his black jacket and tossing it to the ground.


The incident occurred when the perpetrator approached Neely from behind and forcefully brought him down to the ground using a chokehold. Vazquez further stated that Neely remained in the chokehold for approximately 15 minutes.

In a video lasting around three and a half minutes, captured by Vazquez, a blond subway rider can be seen lying on the train floor with his arm around the neck of another man.


According to Vasquez, the conductor had called 911 while the train was halted at the Broadway-Lafayette Street/Bleeker Street station. The doors of the train were open at the time.

A tragic incident occurred on a New York City subway train where a 30-year-old passenger lost his life after being put in a headlock during an outburst.


According to sources, a 30-year-old vagrant identified as Jordan Neely, went on an aggressive rant, prompting a 24-year-old passenger to step in.

According to police and law enforcement sources, Juan Vazquez Neely, a man with a history of mental health issues who was living on the streets, lost consciousness and was unable to be revived by EMS workers at the station after being put in a chokehold.

A tragic incident occurred on a New York City subway train, resulting in the death of a 30-year-old passenger. The individual was reportedly put in a headlock during an outburst on the train, which ultimately led to their untimely passing.

According to sources, authorities are currently conducting an investigation and are awaiting the results of the autopsy before making a decision on whether to press charges against the younger man.

When contacted by The Post on Tuesday, the individual refused to provide a comment and stated, “I am not inclined to respond to any inquiries, thank you.”

While he was en route to Yonkers at approximately 2:30 p.m. on Monday, Neely reportedly forcefully entered the train at Second Avenue station and immediately began shouting and hollering at passengers, causing several to relocate.

In a video captured later, a man can be seen struggling to break free from the grip of a straphanger who has him in a headlock. Another bystander is also seen assisting in holding him down on the floor of the subway train.

Neely was unable to express anything despite moving his arms. According to the individual, he was only able to move his arms.

There was a sudden halt in his movement. According to sources, he had exhausted all of his energy.

According to reports, a straphanger approached Neely from behind and proceeded to restrain him in a chokehold for a duration of 15 minutes.

According to a witness who had assisted a commuter in restraining Neely, he stated that Neely was no longer applying pressure. After a brief moment, the two individuals released Neely and left him on the ground, lying on his side.

According to Vasquez, none of the individuals present at the scene believed that the individual was at risk of losing their life. According to witnesses, it was initially believed that he had either fainted or simply run out of oxygen.

Following the application of a chokehold, Neely became unconscious and despite the efforts of EMS workers at the station, they were unable to resuscitate him.
According to Juan Vazquez, he had conflicting emotions regarding the deadly incident. He stated that Neely had not assaulted anyone on the train prior to being subdued.

According to the speaker, it is acceptable for citizens to offer their assistance. According to the individual, heroes must exercise restraint.

He added that if the police had arrived within five minutes, the incident would not have occurred. If that were to happen, it would indeed be a remarkable feat of heroism. The user stated that the situation is complicated.

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