Maria Antonietta Cutillo Identified As Victim Electrocuted To Death In The Bath


Ana Maria Cutillo When a 16-year-old Italian girl dropped her phone in the shower while talking to a friend, she drowned.

While taking a bath at her parent’s house in Montefalcione, Avellino, the young girl, known in Italy as Maria Antonietta Cutillo, dropped her phone, which was charging at the time. Local media reported that the adolescent was shocked to death while her parents were away from the home.


Cutillo’s partner had already called the emergency services, and was alarmed when the connection broke. She had passed away as a result of the gadget short-circuiting when they arrived, they learned. For an autopsy, her body was taken to the mortuary at the Moscati Hospital in Avellino.

Sources claim that Cutillo’s father, who owns a butcher shop in the provincial capital of Irpinia, is well known. The event is being looked into by the neighborhood police. In France in 2020, a teenager drowned in her bathtub after a charged phone fell over her breast and fell into the water.


The item fell into the pool at Tiffenn’s home, electrocuting the 15-year-old Marseille girl. The girl was taken by emergency workers to the city’s Timone hospital, where they tried to revive her, but she passed away.

Similar to this, a 13-year-old girl was electrocuted in Amsterdam in 2019 after her smartphone fell into the bathtub as it was charging. The teenager’s mother took her out of the bathtub after hurriedly going to the restroom in response to a loud cry.


She had made an emergency call. Before dragging the unconscious girl to the hospital, where she spent the next two days, paramedics gave her a punch to wake her up.

In this instance, the girl did not pass away, but the incident left her with amnesia and she was unable to remember putting the phone in the bath. The severity of her wounds, in Dr. Sem Hardon’s opinion, suggested that she was probably electrocuted by the 240V mains supply in the Netherlands.


Users must be aware of safety risks if domestic electrical equipment is used in toilets, he advised. However, it is never a good idea to plug in electrical devices or cords near water or in close proximity to a damp environment.

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