Man Shot In Chest In Broad-Daylight During Altercation In Chinatown Shooting

According to authorities, a man was shot in the chest during an altercation near a playground in Chinatown on Tuesday morning.

According to police, a dispute between a woman, her male friend, and two men occurred just before 9:30 a.m. near Henry Street and Market Street, resulting in violence.

According to police, during the fight, one of the two individuals punched the woman in the face.

A shooting at the intersection of Henry and Market Street has resulted in the arrest of a man. The suspect was observed wearing a “All Gas No Brakes” hoodie at the time of the incident.

According to a witness, the gunman was arrested at the scene.

The suspect in the Chinatown shooting was seen being escorted by two officers while in handcuffs.
According to sources, the victim is reported to be in stable condition at Bellevue.

According to police, one of the two individuals was shot in the chest by their friend who pulled out a gun, approximately 20 yards away from the Sophie Irene Loeb Playground.

According to a witness, the gunman was apprehended by the police and the firearm was recovered.

According to Sherman Walker, a security guard in the area, police were in the vicinity, working to clear a homeless encampment under the Manhattan Bridge, when the sound of gunfire broke out.

According to Walker, he rushed outside upon hearing the gunshot and discovered that law enforcement officials had already apprehended the perpetrator.

At the scene of the Henry and Market Street shooting, a woman who may have witnessed the incident is currently waiting.

The cause of the violence remains unclear.

The victim has been transported to Bellevue Hospital and is currently reported to be in stable condition.

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