Man Seen With Gun At Rossview Elementary School Turn Out To Be Hoax

At approximately 3:58pm on May 3, 2023, an update was provided regarding recent calls involving a man with a gun at Rossview Elementary School yesterday and a “Swatting Call” about a shooting at Rossview High School this morning.

The investigation into the reported notification made at Rossview Elementary School on May 2, 2023, has been completed by the Sheriff’s Office.

The report of a man with a gun inside the school, made by a student, has been found to be a fabrication.

According to reports, the response to the incidents witnessed yesterday and today will be prompt and fitting. The response will be determined by both real-time intelligence and technology.

An ongoing investigation is underway following a report made to Montgomery County E911 Dispatch on May 3, 2023. The report stated that four students from Rossview High School had been shot.

According to the Sheriff’s Office Investigators and School Resource Officers, there is no credible information to support the claim that the individual who reported the shooting today was ever present at the Rossview Campus.
Today’s incident is an example of “swatting,” a term used to describe the act of making a false report of a serious emergency.

The purpose of such a report is to prompt law enforcement and public safety resources to respond to a location, potentially causing fear, panic, or disruption of local resources.

Investigators are currently scrutinizing the Internet Protocol (IP) address in order to ascertain the whereabouts of the individual responsible for the “swatting” call. According to sources, investigators are in direct communication with FBI agents who are currently exploring potential leads that could allow for local prosecution.

Today, several jurisdictions in the State of Tennessee, including Hamblen, Hamilton, Weakly, Jefferson, Davidson counties, and Johnson City, as well as the states of Ohio and Arizona, have reportedly received “active shooter” style “swatting” calls.

Sheriff John Fuson stated that the Office will persist in conducting a comprehensive investigation into the incident and any instances of violence or threats made towards the schools, students, or staff. The speaker stated that they will locate and prosecute the individual or individuals accountable, as they have done in similar instances.

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