Kulwinder Virdee Dentist Fired After Allegations Of Unwanted Sexual Behavior

Kulwinder Virdee, a married 51-year-old doctor accused of being a sex harasser, was suspended for 18 months after allegedly picking on a young dental assistant who had recently started working at his office.

Father-of-two The 19-year-old is accused of hearing Kulwinder Virdee say that he had a “sex addiction” that made him feel “horny all day.” He is charged with inappropriate touching, making obscene remarks, and inundating the trainee with WhatsApp messages after work over a three-month period.

Other female employees spoke up in response to the woman’s complaint, and the General Dental Council was informed of the situation. The complainant claims that Mr. Virdee, one of the firm’s three partners, touched her on multiple occasions, including while she was sitting next to him and when he tried to put his hand on her privates.

The trainee at Bispham Dental Practice in Blackpool, Lancashire, recorded one conversation while the two were alone in the staff area after reportedly being harassed for weeks. On a recording that was played during a disciplinary hearing, Virdee made a number of sexually explicit remarks. Can’t a guy just sit there and take in the scenery, he asked. She says, “Mmm, just let me know when you’re the horniest.

” When are you at your most horny?I’m here morning, noon, and night, isn’t that wonderful?I believe I have a sex addiction, at least, that is what I believe.have you,” he pressed. Now. What underlies that? God, oh God. Your booty is beautiful. A booty rub is perfectly safe, right? “I like hanging out with you…You already know that you have no control over who you are attracted to. You are unable to assist yourself… Look at me, please. You would, without a doubt. Honest to God, absolutely.

“I want to f*** you; tell me when,” he said. The complainant started working at the practice in October of last year, according to the evidence offered before the tribunal.

Between November 30 and February 23 of this year, Virdee sent the complainant 27 WhatsApp messages and made seven phone conversations, including one at 11:37 p.m. on January 26, 2023. On another instance, between 4.16 and 8.51, he placed four calls. The complainant responded to the messages asking him to stop, according to the testimony given during the trial. For 23 years,

Mr. Virdee had collaborated with dentist colleagues Mark Collinson and Robin Caro at the private clinic. They had nine employees, all of whom were women, the hearing was informed. When his partners learned of the issues in February, they recruited a third party human resources consulting company to look into them.

Other workers asserted that Mr. Virdee had a “history of inappropriate behavior in the workplace” and that they had seen him make inappropriate sexual remarks. One student dental nurse reported that he “slapped her thighs,” while another reported seeing him “rubbing and gyrating” against a member of the staff.

A coworker who has worked at the firm for more than two decades alleged, “I have worked here for twenty-one years, and it has been going on for 21 years.” I’ve told you that you shouldn’t talk to little girls in that way.He would respond, “I know, I’m vile,” Additionally, Mr. Virdee is charged with bringing up sexual issues like dogging, coddling, and prostitution in front of his coworkers at the clinic while they were there working.

He is charged with sharing inappropriate WhatsApp photos with colleagues. Mr. Virdee emphatically denies touching employees in an improper manner. He acknowledged occasionally making sexual jokes or innuendo in front of his staff, but claimed the conversation on the audio clip was “taken out of context.” He hasn’t worked at the practice since the allegation was made public on February 6. Last month, the dentist, who goes by Kuli, informed clients of his absence.

I regret to inform you that, after 23 years at Bispham, I am currently unable to visit you due to events beyond my control,’ he said on the office’s Facebook page. It’s challenging when you can’t see me because I know we’ve gotten to know one another well.’ ‘I am hoping to have some solution in place,’ he added, ‘but it may be some time before I can return.’

While the General Dental Council conducts a second investigation, the Dental Professional Hearings Service committee issued an 18-month interim suspension order “for the protection of the public.” The committee concluded that allowing Mr. Virdee to practice unrestrictedly would provide a “real risk of harm to the public.”

“The significant power imbalance that would have existed between you as a dentist and partner at the practice and the complainant, a 19-year-old trainee dental nurse,” the committee claimed. The suspension will be examined in six months.

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