Johanita Dogbey Identified As Woman Fatally Stabbed By An Unknown Man


A woman who was fatally stabbed in broad daylight while traveling home from a family gathering by a’stranger’ has been described as ‘kind-hearted’ today.

Johanita Dogbey, a 31-year-old lady, was allegedly stabbed by a man who approached her from behind on Monday at 4:00 p.m., a public holiday, according to the locals.


When Johanita Dogbey was walking down Stockwell Park Walk in Lambeth, south London, she was attacked from behind by a man brandishing a knife who police claim she did not recognize.

The grieving father paid tribute to his “beautiful” daughter in memory. “My daughter was lovely and compassionate.”


He said, “I’m sorry, I can’t say more,” while fighting back tears.

A 33-year-old guy is being held by police after being detained on suspicion of murder.


The police submitted a request today to keep the suspect in jail for an additional 36 hours so that they can question him more.

The local Lambeth Police Chief, who is in charge of the investigation into the vicious attack, said: “I am in daily communication with the police looking into it, and my sympathies remain with the woman’s family and friends as they come to terms with this. It’s horrible news.


“We’ll try our best to help them through this unbearably trying period.

“I realize there will be worries and significant worries in the neighborhood, but we have additional employees there to address queries and have a visible presence.

To address concerns and make sure the appropriate dialogues are being had with locals, my neighborhood police teams have stopped by community organizations and businesses.

I’d also like to invite others to share anything they think could be useful to investigators.

According to the victim’s neighbors, she was tragically killed while speaking on the phone with her grandmother.

The mother of two admitted to Standard: “I was at the crime scene with her dad.

“He claimed that his daughter had just returned from shopping for a gift for her mother.

“She was attacked while she was on the phone with her grandmother.”

The resident also mentioned that the grandma had heard a “terrible scream” just before the phone dropped to the ground.

The father of the deceased was among the four persons who prayed at the cordon on Monday night.

Around 6:04 pm on Monday, paramedics from the London Ambulance Service and the London Ambulance Service received a call.

Unfortunately, the victim was declared deceased at the scene.

Any potential witnesses are urged to call 101 and mention CAD 4728/01 May.

Call the independent charity Crimestoppers at 0800 555 111 if you want to remain anonymous.

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