Edward Eastman Identified As Murder Victim At Old Ground Lane; Tobago Records Fifth Murder


In the latest news, Tobago has reported another murder while the investigation into the killing of Donneil Thomas remains ongoing.

68 year-old Edward Eastman has been identified as the victim. Early on Wednesday, a murder victim was discovered at Old Ground on Golden Lane.


Tobago has recorded its fifth murder for the year with the killing of Eastman.

On Thursday, a man named Thomas, aged 40, was reported as the fourth murder victim on the island.


A man residing on Mentor Drive in Signal Hill was shot by an unidentified gunman at his residence. The victim is a father of one. The assailant fled the scene on foot.

The newly appointed head of the Tobago Division, ACP Collis Hazel, has issued a warning to the perpetrator of a recent incident. Hazel urged the individual to turn themselves in within 48 hours, stating that life would not be easy for them on the paradise island if they failed to comply.


During Monday’s Tobago Updates morning show, Sgt Joseph Jordon reported that the investigation into Thomas’ murder was currently at a sensitive stage.

In recent months, the island has seen a number of gun-related murders. Nigel Sandy was fatally shot in Plymouth on February 9th, while Alex Anthony Cooper, originally from Moruga, met a similar fate at Logwood Park in Scarborough on April 9th. Lynch Bovell, a resident of Sesame Street in Bethel, was shot on April 8th and passed away at the Scarborough General Hospital on April 12th.

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