Divimara Lamar Nava Identified As Wife Of Suspect Francisco Oropeza, Arrested For Hiding Husband

Officials revealed that Francisco Oropeza’s wife was detained in relation to the fatal shooting. Authorities suspect Divimara Lamar Nava of hiding him in the house where he was apprehended despite her denials that she knew of his whereabouts.

According to Henderson, Nava had previously denied knowing Oropesa’s whereabouts, but police think she concealed him in a home close to Konro, where he was apprehended on Tuesday.

According to the prison’s web records, Lamar Nava was detained in the Montgomery County Jail on felony charges of obstructing the arrest or prosecution of a known criminal after being apprehended early on Wednesday.

According to the documents, she was detained by the state police at a Conroe residence and there is no indication that she has posted bail.

Following a tip, authorities announced on Tuesday that they had located Oropeza hiding in an indoor closet, ending a four-day manhunt for him. 250 individuals from various jurisdictions shared a $80,000 prize.

Oropesa “could be anywhere,” the FBI noted as recently as Tuesday morning, stressing that detectives had been working for days to piece together any information about his whereabouts while openly acknowledging they had no leads.

Oropeza, 38, was apprehended without a hitch near the town of Conroe, some 20 miles (32 km) north of Houston and close to his rural Cleveland home. Authorities claim that he used an AR-style rifle from there before midnight on Friday to enter the neighborhood and shoot his neighbors.

According to authorities, Oropesa was firing at his property, and the attack happened when neighbors requested him to leave since the child was being kept up by the gunfire.

Greg Capers, the sheriff for San Jacinto County, announced that Oropesa would face five murder charges. The $5 million bail was established.

In reference to the victims’ families, Capers said, “Now you can rest easy because he is behind bars.” “He will spend the rest of his life in prison for killing these five.”

According to Kuipers, police had already been sent to the suspect’s house at least once more to fire on his yard before the shooting on Friday.

Victims All of the victims were Hondurans. Wilson Garcia, who survived the massacre, claimed that once Oropesa entered the home and began firing, killing his wife at the front entrance, friends and family in the house tried to cover and defend themselves and the kids.

Diana Velasquez Alvarado, age 21, Julisa Molina Rivera, age 31, José Jonathan Casares, age 18, Sonya Argentina Guzman, age 25, and Daniel Enrique Laso, age 9, were the victims.

The bodies of the four victims would be returned, according to a government spokeswoman in Honduras. At the desire of her sister and her husband, Velázquez Alvarado will be interred in the United States, according to Wilson Paz, director general of the Honduras Migrant Protection Service.

Diana Velazquez’s father, Osman Velazquez, stated on Tuesday that his daughter had just gotten a residency visa and had arrived in the country eight years prior without any documentation with the aid of a sister who was already residing there.

“Her sister persuaded me to give her permission to kidnap my daughter. It’s true what she said when she informed me that America is a nation of opportunity,” she added. But I never imagined she’d travel solely for that.

Abbott referred to the victims as “illegal immigrants” when he announced the reward, but his office later withdrew the claim and issued an apology after receiving criticism for bringing up the victims’ immigration status.

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