Deion Patterson Identified As Shooter In Atlanta Medical Building Shooting That Kills One And Injured 4


On Wednesday afternoon, dozens of law enforcement personnel from several agencies stormed Midtown Atlanta in an effort to find the shooter who opened fire in a medical office building, killing one person and injured four others, according to the police.

After that, the shooter, Deion Patterson, 24, stole a car, according to the Atlanta Police Department, and escaped. The authorities claimed that he fled the region and is still at large.


Police officers were called to 1100 West Peachtree Street Northwest in Midtown Atlanta after the shooter opened fire in a waiting room on the 11th floor of a Northside Hospital medical office, killing a 39-year-old woman and injuring four others, according to Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum. Women were all the victims, according to Chief Schierbaum.

The Atlanta area and the nearby Cobb County were both being searched by the authorities. On Twitter, the Cobb County Police Department announced that searches were being conducted in the Vinings, Cumberland, and Truist Park neighborhoods.


“We are following credible leads that are currently active in Cobb County, as well as some that are right here in the city,” stated Chief Schierbaum.

Robert Janson, the chief medical officer at Grady Memorial Hospital, announced at a press conference that three patients were in serious condition, two of whom were still undergoing surgery. All of them are adults.


Following the shooting at its midtown Atlanta location, Northside Hospital posted on Twitter that it was assisting law enforcement.

The hospital said, “This tragedy is affecting all of us, and we ask for your patience and prayers at this time.”


As news spread that a shooting had occurred and that a gunman was on the loose, Midtown Atlanta, a congested urban area normally bustling with office workers and Georgia Tech students, went silent.

Many schools went into lockdown and didn’t let students leave until later than usual. Roads were closed, and locals were advised to avoid the area by the police.

Except for police cars and heavily armed officers, restaurant patrons and residents peeking out of windows and doorways to observe the scene were the only other people on the sidewalks and streets by 3 p.m.

The police released first photographs from surveillance cameras inside the building that showed a man wearing a mask, a gray hooded sweatshirt, dark leggings, and a cross-body bag. They eventually identified the individual as Mr. Patterson.

According to Dr. Janson, the trauma center Grady Memorial Hospital initiated its mass casualty event protocol and at first expected 12 patients. Later, they abandoned the protocol.

When diners started chatting about the shooting, state senator Josh McLaurin was having lunch at Pasta da Pulcinella, which is located right next to Northside Medical. He claimed that once the management of the restaurant locked the entrance, some customers raced to the windows to look out. Given the prevalence of gun violence in America, Mr. McLaurin, a Democrat, was both worried and unsurprised by the obsession.

Staff personnel informed David and Robin Shipple of the shooting while they were visiting the Northside Healthcare facility for a doctor’s appointment. Before police arrived “with machine guns,” they took cover for about 20 minutes, according to Mr. Shipple.

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