Daryan Saunders Arrested And Charged For Six Crimes Following A Nearly 21-Hour Standoff.

A suspect was taken into custody Tuesday morning following a standoff that began on Auburn’s Gillander Avenue on Monday afternoon.

Following a nearly 21-hour standoff, Daryan Saunders, 47, of Auburn, peacefully surrendered, Auburn police announced in a news release. He faces the following allegations:

Class B elevated aggravated assault, criminal use of a dangerous weapon in a threat, class C, Class C aggravated reckless behavior, Class C firearms possession by a restricted individual, Class D criminal mischief, Class E offense: inciting a police standoff

About two o’clock on Monday, Auburn police were called to the vicinity of 30 Gillander Avenue due to a report of a gunshot being fired at a passing vehicle.

According to the press release, responding authorities discovered that the caller and the subject, later identified as Saunders, were acquainted and had engaged in an online argument that apparently escalated into threats.

The caller stated that shortly after receiving Saunders’ address, he had driven by Saunders’ home. Saunders allegedly fired a single gunshot from inside his house at the caller’s vehicle as it passed by when the call came in, according to the police.

Auburn police evacuated neighboring homeowners who were in immediate danger and gave others the go-ahead to hide in place while closing nearby roads and setting up a perimeter around the property.

He refused to react after several phone calls and loudspeaker attempts, according to Auburn police. The situation had become blocked at that point, so the Maine State Police Tactical and Crisis Negotiation teams were called in to help. According to police, Saunders fired shots at law officers all through the evening.

According to neighbors, they received orders to either shelter in place or evacuate.

Saunders’ neighbor across the street, Becky Dacus, claimed she stayed at a friend’s house a short distance away.

Bullhorns were used every 45 minutes, and flashing lights were present throughout the entire night, according to Dacus. I feel bad for the entire family; this was just awful.

According to Dacus, Saunders lived alone in the house his mother had given him. She claimed that although Saunders had previously gotten into police trouble quite a bit, this was the most spectacular instance.

Dacus stated, “I feel sorry for his mother because she’s going to have a mess to clean up. “We didn’t sleep well at all last night.”

Dacus claimed that if Saunders’ shot at the passing motorist had been off target, it might have struck her house.

She said, “I was afraid.

Saunders has a lengthy criminal history; his first encounter with Auburn police was for disorderly conduct in 1994. Saunders was charged in 2004 with assault, 2005 with criminal mischief and terrorism, 2011 with operating while intoxicated, and 2016 with domestic violence.

Saunders was not allowed to own a firearm.

Tuesday around 10:30 a.m., all traffic on Park Avenue was reopened. All impacted residents were able to go home after Gillander Avenue and Gamage Avenue were reopened around 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

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