Woman dies by Stabbing in Lambeth, South London

Tragically, a female individual lost her life due to a fatal stabbing incident that occurred on a street in south London.

According to the Metropolitan Police, a stabbing incident was reported in Stockwell Park Walk at approximately 4:04 pm on Monday, prompting officers to respond.

Emergency services, including the police, paramedics, and an air ambulance, responded to the incident. Unfortunately, the woman, who was thought to be in her 30s, was declared deceased at the location.

Loved ones of the victim have assembled outside the police cordon near St. Helen’s Catholic Primary School, adjacent to a block of flats in an alleyway off Brixton Road. The authorities are still conducting their investigations.

According to a relative of the deceased woman, the pain is still very fresh. Our loved ones are en route and we still have to inform them about the situation. The experience feels extremely unprocessed.

According to Natasha Jordan, an employee at Live True London located on Brixton Road, a significant number of police cars and ambulances arrived at the scene.

A significant number of police officers were patrolling the area due to the proximity of a police station nearby.

I haven’t received any communication from anyone today, and I’ve been present here throughout the day.

According to PA, some individuals close to the cordon have mentioned that they did not witness the stabbing incident. However, a pedestrian expressed their sorrow by stating, “It’s so sad.”

Specialist officers are providing support to the family of the woman.

Several roads are currently inaccessible due to ongoing police investigations. A blue tent has been set up in the area, and officers and forensics teams are working diligently while wearing blue plastic boiler suits.

To ensure safety, the authorities have redirected traffic and advised the public to steer clear of the area until further notice.

We are continuing to investigate and we encourage anyone with information to reach out to us at 101, referencing CAD 4278/01 May. Alternatively, you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously at 0800 555 111.

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