William Gomes Allegedly Charged For Possession Of Child Pornography

William Gomes, 41, is accused of having child pornography on his computers and is being prosecuted on a number of counts.

A long-time IT employee at the University of Maryland was detained on numerous counts of child pornography after an examination of his computer equipment.

William Gomes, 41, was apprehended at his Howard County home on Thursday, the Maryland State Police stated that Gomes was charged with ten counts of possessing child pornography, three charges of distributing child pornography, and one count of creating a computer image of a kid seemingly engaging in sexual activity.

41 years old is William Gomes. The State Police Computer Crimes Unit opened an investigation in February 2023.

The electronic gadgets seized from Gomes’ home included a significant number of child pornography files, according to a preliminary forensic assessment.

A spokesman for the institutional of Maryland claims that Gomes does not have access to any institutional accounts, networks, or technology.

Until the conclusion of the investigation, Gomes has been placed on administrative leave. He had been an IT professional with the organization since 2004.

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