Thomas Peck Identified As One Of Three Alleged Robber Of Dog Worth Over $3,000

On Friday evening in Dayton, a man was robbed of his dog and over $3,000 worth of goods by three suspects. One of the suspects, a teenager, has been arrested in connection with the robbery.

According to recent reports, seven bodies have been found during the search for two missing teenagers in Oklahoma. The discovery has caused concern and raised questions about the circumstances surrounding their disappearance.

According to the detective’s affidavit, an 18-year-old named Thomas Peck was arrested in the vicinity of the 100 block of Victor Avenue. Peck is accused of robbing another individual at gunpoint, taking $3,000 worth of studio equipment and cash.

According to Dayton police officers, the victim of a robbery reported that he was being followed by three men after exiting a convenience store located on Main Street. According to reports, the victim was confronted by the men while they were brandishing firearms.

According to reports, Peck allegedly took $290 in cash and a bag containing $3,000 worth of studio equipment. Another one of the three suspects reportedly stole the victim’s dog.

According to reports, the victim was struck with Peck’s firearm during the incident.

According to reports, Dayton officers responded to the sound of gunshots in the vicinity and discovered Peck, who fit the description provided by the victim.

According to Dayton officers, Peck allegedly made a throwing motion, which led the officers to search the suspect’s person. Ammunition was discovered in Peck’s pocket along with a handgun of the same caliber as previously described.

According to the affidavit, Peck allegedly resisted arrest even while being handcuffed and refused to sit in the police cruiser.

The robbery suspect arrived later to positively identify and confirm the suspect in person.

At the time of the affidavit’s filing, the locations and identities of the other two suspects were unknown.

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