Savannah Davis Identified As Victim Of Boating Accident On Jourdan River In Hancock County


The identity of the deceased victim in the boating accident has been released by the Hancock County Coroner’s Office.

A woman tragically lost her life in a boating accident on the Jourdan River in Hancock County, as reported. Initially, the police were unable to identify the victim and disclose his identity. According to the latest report from the Hancock County Coroner’s Office, the victim’s name has been released.


Savannah Davis has been identified as the woman who passed away in the Jourdan River boating incident, as per reports. According to the user, the victim’s name is Savannah Davis.

According to reports, Savannah Davis was reportedly involved in a boating accident that occurred north of I-10 on the Jourdan River in Hancock County. Readers are encouraged to scroll down the page to learn more about the victim.


According to reports, she attended Southern Missouri University as a student. The coroner has reported that first responders have alerted a medical facility on Jordan Bluff Road to attend to the woman who was injured in the boating accident.

According to sources, DMR and DWFP were present at the location. Please scroll down the page to find additional information about Savannah Davis.


Brent J Lafrance expressed his grief over the loss of his daughter, Savannah Davis, who tragically passed away in a boating accident. He stated, “My Savannah Davis.”

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