Marcus Vinicius da Silva Melo Junior, 9, Schoolboy Died In A Horror Playground Accident

Marcus Vinicius da Silva Melo Junior, a nine-year-old schoolboy, perished in a terrible playground accident after being struck by a swing. Marcus was murdered by the machinery on April 29 while he was playing in the square in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil.

It had only been two days after the swing, which is bigger than a typical swing and made for people with physical disabilities, was set up in the square. It was started by the municipality of Angra dos Reis as part of a campaign for more inclusive public amenities for children.

Multiple kids were reportedly on the swing when it struck Marcus, instantly killing him, according to local reports.

It is not now located in the square.Marcus Vinicius, age nine, passed away yesterday (April 29) after being struck by a moving swing at Campo Belo Square, according to a statement from the municipality of Angra dos Reis.

Marcus Vinicius da Silva Melo Junior had reached the age of nine, after being struck by a swing, dies in a bizarre accident

The Civil Defense arrived on the scene to look into what transpired. The swing structure was examined by the secretariat’s engineering team, but no defects or damage were found that would have caused the accident. The doll was moved from Campo Belo Square to Civil Defense main office and is still available in case more knowledge is needed.

The Municipality “deeply regrets what happened and will continue to provide the family that has received assistance with all necessary assistance. “The Civil Police is looking into the situation. A mother in the United Kingdom paid tribute to her son in February after he passed away after being tangled up in a homemade rope swing while playing with pals.

Last summer, 10-year-old Riain Brennan-Byrne was visiting his mother in Leicestershire and was having fun on a swing he had made out of a blue cord wrapped around the tree’s branches.

His friends quickly rushed for help after spotting him caught in the rope. Despite efforts at resuscitation, the youngster passed away in the hospital an hour later. His mother, Niamh, expressed her sorrow at his passing before an investigation into the incident, claiming that he was “always her king” and “left a huge void in our lives.”

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