Khader Adnan Palestinian Captive And Former Spokesperson For Islamic Jihad Passed Away After 87 Days Of Hunger Strike

According to authorities, Khader Adnan, a Palestinian captive and former spokesperson for the Islamic Jihad, passed away on Tuesday after a hunger strike lasting 87 days. Adnan had become a symbol of Palestinian resistance against Israeli incarceration policies.

According to a statement released by the Israeli Prison Service, Adnan, aged 45, had been on a hunger strike since his arrest on February 5 and had declined medical examinations while in custody. The statement also announced his death.

According to the prison service, the inmate was found dead in his cell early on Tuesday following a hunger strike that lasted almost three months. According to the Palestinian Prisoners Society, Sheikh Khader Adnan was confirmed to have died and they stated that his death was caused by the Israeli occupation.

According to Islamic Jihad, Khader Adnan was posthumously promoted to the commander position and they claimed that his death was a result of a crime for which the Zionist occupation is fully responsible. The Iranian-backed Palestinian militant group has been linked to numerous Israeli fatalities resulting from suicide bombings and missile attacks.

As per the Israeli police, he was apprehended in February on suspicion of involvement in a terrorist group, providing assistance to terrorism, and provocation. At the time of his demise, he had not undergone trial. In response to Adnan’s passing, Palestinian political parties have urged for a general strike in the West Bank on Tuesday.

This will involve the closure of courts, schools, universities, and shops as a sign of mourning. According to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society, Palestinian prisoners at Ofer jail in the West Bank have begun a hunger strike to protest the death of one of their fellow inmates. The jail is operated by the Israeli military.

According to reports, Khader Adnan’s age was 45 years old.

Khader Adnan, a resident of Jenin in the occupied West Bank, has passed away in an Israeli jail after being on a hunger strike for 86 days. On Tuesday, a video was released from Jenin depicting one of the sons of the deceased protesting his father’s killing.

As per the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), three rockets were reportedly fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israeli territory and landed in uninhabited regions. Sirens were heard in the vicinity of Sa’ad, a kibbutz in Israel’s Negev desert.

However, the IDF reported that no interceptors were launched. According to Mohammad Shtayyeh, the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, Israel is being accused of intentionally causing harm by not releasing him, failing to provide him with medical attention, and keeping him detained despite his urgent medical needs.

Adnan gained international attention in February 2012 after a 66-day hunger strike, which was then the longest-known hunger strike by a Palestinian detainee in Israeli prisons. As per the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society, the individual in question has been arrested on a minimum of 11 occasions since 2004.

Additionally, he has engaged in five hunger strikes. In 2015, he went on a hunger strike that lasted for 55 days and was subsequently released by Israeli authorities. Adnan was imprisoned in Israeli jails for a period of eight years, with most of his time spent under administrative detention. This system is controversial as it allows authorities to detain individuals indefinitely on security grounds.

Detention can be authorized using secret evidence under the method, and inmates are not required to be prosecuted or put on trial. The hunger strikes he conducted from prison were a source of inspiration for Palestinians, who organized multiple rallies in the West Bank and Gaza.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society reports that Israel is currently holding 4,900 Palestinian detainees in its prisons. Among them, 1,000 are being held in administrative detention without charge, which is the highest number since 2003.

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