Khader Adnan Dies in Israel jail after 86 days on Hunger strike

Israel had accused Khader Adnan, a prominent member of the militant organization Islamic Jihad, of committing acts of terrorism.

According to the Israel Prison Service, the individual declined medical assistance before being discovered unconscious in their cell on Tuesday.

Following the unfortunate demise, militants launched three rockets from the Gaza Strip towards Israel. Fortunately, there were no injuries.

According to the Palestinian prime minister, Israel intentionally killed Adnan. Additionally, Islamic Jihad cautioned Israel that there would be severe consequences.

Adnan, a 44-year-old man from the northern region of the West Bank, has had a history of being detained by Israel for the past 20 years.

Prior to this, he had undertaken four hunger strikes as a form of protest, which had earned him recognition among Palestinians.

It is now a frequent occurrence for Palestinian detainees to go on hunger strikes for prolonged periods during their incarceration in Israeli prisons. However, medical intervention has significantly reduced the number of deaths resulting from such strikes in recent times.

On 5 February, Adnan was detained by Israeli forces at his home in Arraba, near the city of Jenin. He started his fifth hunger strike right away.

He was accused by Israeli authorities of supporting terrorism, being affiliated with a terrorist group, and inciting violence. As a result, he was scheduled to appear in court this month.

According to Addameer, the Palestinian prisoners’ rights group, the charges against him are baseless and are aimed at quelling the voices of Palestinian activists.

According to a recent statement by the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club, Adnan’s health condition has become critical. According to the report, the individual is currently detained at the Ramla prison clinic in central Israel. The report further states that the individual is declining to take nutritional supplements and undergo medical examinations.

According to Adnan’s spouse, Randa Mousa, he resorted to such measures as the Israeli authorities had declined to move him to a non-military hospital and had also denied his lawyer access to him.

The Israel Prison Service reported that Adnan was discovered unconscious in his cell on Tuesday morning. Despite efforts to revive him, he was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

As per a senior Israeli official who spoke to AFP news agency, Adnan’s life was in danger as he refused medical treatment. The military appeal court had recently denied his release from detention based solely on his medical condition.

According to Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh, Israel deliberately assassinated Khader Adnan by denying his request for release, neglecting his medical needs, and keeping him in his cell despite his deteriorating health condition.

According to the Islamic Jihad, the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip’s second most powerful militant group, their struggle is ongoing and the enemy will soon realize that their actions will not go unanswered.

According to Randa Mousa, she expressed her desire for people not to mourn her husband’s passing.

According to AFP, the woman stated that they will only be accepting well-wishers, as this martyrdom is comparable to a wedding, a moment of pride, and a crown on their heads.

She was firm in her stance that she did not wish for any form of retaliation that involved violence or bloodshed.

Our preference is that no one reacts to the act of martyrdom. She added that launching rockets and then facing strikes from Israel is not desirable.

No group has taken responsibility for the three rockets that were launched from Gaza towards Israel shortly after Adnan’s passing.

According to the Israeli military, the rockets triggered alarms, but no interceptors were deployed as they landed in unpopulated regions.

Palestinians consider the well-being of their prisoners in Israel as a crucial matter and hold Israel accountable for their fate.

Addameer reports that there are approximately 4,900 Palestinians currently incarcerated in Israeli prisons.

The majority of individuals are currently serving sentences, have been charged, or are awaiting trial in Israeli courts. Others are being held for questioning. According to the report, there are currently 1,016 individuals who are being held in “administrative detention”, a highly debated practice where suspects are detained for an indefinite period of time without being charged or given a trial. This detention can be renewed every six months. According to the Palestinian perspective, individuals detained by Israel are considered to be political prisoners.

According to Addameer, the transfer of Palestinians from the West Bank to Israeli prisons is in violation of international law. The strict conditions imposed on Palestinians entering Israel from the West Bank have made it difficult for them to visit their loved ones in prison, which is a major concern for the Palestinian community.

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